Who did Kristin Chenoweth marry? Let’s find out

Kristin Chenoweth, the renowned singer and actor, has always been known for her independent spirit and self-proclaimed bachelorette status.

But in a surprising twist, she recently said “I do” to musician Josh Bryant on September 2nd, which also happened to be Bryant’s birthday.

The question that lingers: Who is this musician that captured her heart? Let’s delve into the enchanting love story and their special day.

Who did Kristin Chenoweth marry?

Kristin Chenoweth married Josh Bryant, the talented musician. Kristin Chenoweth at the age of 55, has dazzled the world with her performances in Broadway’s “Wicked” and her Emmy-winning role in “Pushing Daisies.”

Josh Bryant, who turned 41 on their wedding day, hails from Arkansas and is a talented guitarist associated with the band Backroad Anthem.

Who did Kristin Chenoweth marry
Who did Kristin Chenoweth marry?

The two first crossed paths in 2016 when Bryant’s band performed at Chenoweth’s niece’s wedding.

Fate brought them together again in 2018 when the band played at her nephew’s wedding, igniting the spark of love.

A Musical Celebration

Their wedding, held in Dallas, Texas, was nothing short of a musical extravaganza. True to their shared love for music, they had friends serenading them during the ceremony, with Mary-Mitchell Campbell, Chenoweth’s musical director, accompanying the melodies.

Bryant had playfully mentioned earlier, “It’s gonna be a big jam session,” and Chenoweth added, “We don’t need the DJ. We’re gonna have one hootenanny.”

Cherishing the Moment

Both Kristin and Josh shared glimpses of their magical day on Instagram with the caption, “My forever.” Chenoweth, reflecting on her journey to this day, confessed, “I have been a self-proclaimed bachelorette my whole life… Until I met Josh.

The Grand Ceremony

Their wedding weekend commenced with a rehearsal dinner and a Baskin-Robbins custom cake for dessert, setting the stage for the main event.

A string quartet played as guests took their seats at a private residence. The couple’s beloved dog, Thunder, made a memorable entrance to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” serving as their ring bearer.

Nontraditional Elegance

Chenoweth, true to her unique style, chose a nontraditional Pamella Roland gown for her walk down the aisle.

The gown featured a sheer nude and pink overlay with tiny pearl flowers on the bodice. Josh, on the other hand, looked dapper in a J-Crew suit with a Prada belt and shoes.

A Bit of Faith

Their Christian faith was woven into the ceremony, with “The Prayer” performed by gifted singers, organized and joined by Chenoweth’s music director Mary-Mitchell Campbell.

It was a genuine moment that added depth to their promises.

Heartfelt Decor

The wedding decor, planned by Crystal Frasier Weddings, highlighted a romantic palette of soft colors, from white and ivory to blush and champagne.

Stunning arrangements of flowers and greenery by David Kimmel Design enhanced the wedding space, making a charming environment.

A True Reflection

Kristin Chenoweth’s desire to remain herself was reflected in her wedding day attire. She needed Josh to see the lady he’d been with for quite some time.

It was about being glamorous yet authentically herself

Magnificent Treats

The love birds enjoyed a Mexican vanilla bean wedding cake with buttercream filling. Guests received a crate of desserts, including Belgian chocolate bonbons and gourmet cookies.

Chenoweth’s top choices, Dunkin and 7-11 Slurpees, showed up as late-night snacks, and visitors brought back home gift packs loaded up with treats.

A Romantic tale Worth Celebrating

Eventually, Kristin Chenoweth’s unforeseen journey from self-declared bachelorette to a blushing bride who found love with musician Josh Bryant is a romantic tale worth celebrating.

Their big day was a harmonious mix of music, faith, and individual style, making memories that will endure forever.

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