Where is Storme Warren? Is he Still on The Highway on SiriusXM?

Macie Banks, Warren’s longstanding co-host, will undertake morning duties alone until a permanent successor is found.

Since Banks began working at the station in 2021, his responsibilities have increased.

Storme Warren: Who is he?

American radio and television host Storme Warren is well-known for his work in the entertainment sector. he has hosted two well-known programs, The Storme Warren Show on The Highway on SiriusXM and Headline Country on GAC Television.

Storme founded Stone Beaver Productions, which produced Headline Country. This well-known entertainment news magazine program ran on the GAC Television network for 12 years.

Where is Storme Warren?

Storme Warren no longer hosts “The Storme Warren in the Morning” on The Highway on SiriusXM. On May 12, Country Aircheck announced his initial resignation; shortly after, Music Row formally accepted it.

Where is Storme Warren
Where is Storme Warren?

Even though Warren has not made an official announcement on his social media pages, hinting that it was unexpected and sudden, the news of his leaving has surprised his followers and listeners.

So far, Taste of Country has yet to hear back from any of Warren’s staff members who were contacted for comment.

Storme stopped airing on SiriusXM on May 12 after departing The Highway to seek othis possibilities, according to Country Aircheck.

Even though he has yet to make it known what he would be doing in his stead, Storme tweeted a message after leaving SiriusXM. Storme opted to leave SiriusXM rathis than have his employment terminated.

On SiriusXM, listen to Stormy’s and The Highway.

Despite the fact that he did not host The Highway for the whole of his stint at the station, Storme has been associated with SiriusXM in some capacity for close to 20 years.

Over that time, Storme has presided over several significant country music events in the Nashville region.

It’s still being determined who will host the weekly countdown of the top 30 country songs after Storme departs; in the interim, Macie Banks will still serve as the show’s lone host on The Highway. The retirement of Storme will present many difficulties for the SiriusXM organization.

The findings indicate that Storme departed the network voluntarily rathis than as a result of being fired. He boasted about how wonderful it was to work for the organization and how fortunate he was to be the morning show host.

Storme Warren’s Unexpected Exit

Storme Warren, who hosted SiriusXM’s The Highway Morning Show for nearly 20 years, has departed the company, according to a MusicRow statement dated May 12.

Warren, who has lived in Nashville for 36 years and has worked as a media executive, will turn 40 in 2023. he hosts SiriusXM’s The Highway morning show and controls the Prime Country and Hot 30 Countdown interview specials.

The audience’s reaction to the news revealed that Storme departed without warning or planning.

Although they might have been disappointed by his leaving, Storme’s followers extended their best wihes for his future endeavors.

What will Storme Warren do next?

Warren has informed his fans that he will no longer be working for The Highway. However, he still needs to provide information regarding his new position.

Warren went on to say that he would talk about his upcoming projects or his new job in more detail later. This suggests he is considering new ideas and plans to share them with his followers and supporters.

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