When is the Eras Tour movie coming out? Get Ready to Relive Taylor Swift’s Epic Concert

Hey there, music lovers! What if you’ve been missing out on Taylor Swift’s kick-ass stadium tour? You’re in for a treat! They’re turning her mind-blowing performances into a movie called “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour.”

It’s hitting theaters everywhere this fall, starting on October 13th, which is a Friday and the 13th—how cool is that?

From Concert Stage to Movie Theater

Imagine you’re chilling in a theater surrounded by fellow Swifties and watching Taylor Swift do her job on the big screen.

“Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” isn’t just any old concert film—it’s like a magical journey.

And here’s the best part: It’s not just a one-night deal. You can catch it on different days, like Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It’s like Taylor Swift’s music party on repeat!

When is the Eras Tour movie coming out?

“Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” is all set to release on October 13th this year.

Taylor Swift herself spilled the beans on social media about this fantastic movie. She’s all hyped up about “The Eras Tour” being the most epic thing she’s ever done.

Starting October 13th, folks all across North America can get in on the action by watching her concert movie in theaters. Tickets are available at amctheatres.com—so hurry up and grab yours!

Time to Grab Tickets

If you’re wondering how to snag those golden tickets, listen up! You can grab them from amctheatres.com, the Cinemark website, or Fandango.

It’s going to cost you $19.89 if you’re a grown-up and $13.13 if you’re a kid or a senior. And if you want to go big with Imax or Dolby Cinema, it might set you back a bit more. The vibes will be worth it!

Theaters Bracing for the Swifties

The folks at AMC Theatres are gearing up for a major influx of die-hard Swifties who are super eager to get their hands on tickets.

When is the Eras Tour movie coming out
When is the Eras Tour movie coming out?

They’ve done some website upgrades to handle all the excitement. But let’s be real: when Swifties are involved, anything can happen. If things get a bit crazy, AMC’s got your back, and they’re on it.

A Fresh Take on Movie Showings

AMC Theatres isn’t just showing the movie—they share it around. It’s like they’re spreading the Taylor Swift love to different theaters.

So, you can catch “The Eras Tour” at AMC and at theaters like Cinemark, Regal, Cineplex, and Cinepolis. And who knows, more theaters might jump on the bandwagon!

Cracking the Mystery of Those Extra Cameras

Remember those mysterious extra cameras at Taylor Swift’s concert in LA? Turns out, they were capturing moments for this very movie.

People had their theories, and they were spot on! Now, those moments are going to be right there on the big screen for all of us to see.

A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming

The genius behind this film, Sam Wrench, is no more peculiar to working with excellent performers. He has collaborated with Brandi Carlile, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and BTS on some fantastic projects.

The film will run for around 2 hours and 45 minutes, loaded with Taylor Swift’s hit songs. Also, think about what else? There will be an unexpected part for certain secret songs — a trump card!

Are You Prepared for This?

Try not to pass! Tickets are available for anyone, and shows will run until November 4th.

Thus, you have many opportunities to get “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” on the big screen.

Prepare to groove to Taylor Swift’s tunes and experience her epic concerts more than ever.

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