What To Know About Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend

Taylor Swift has moved on! The Grammy-winning diva has a new guy in her life after her April 2023 separation from ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn, whom she dated for six years. Continue reading for more about her love life, relationship details, and more.

Who Is Taylor Swift Currently Dating?

The singer looks to be single once more. She made news in May 2023 for her connection with The 1975 singer Matty Healy. At the time, a source told The Sun about the affair.  

Who is Matty Healy, Taylor’s new beau? 

Matty Healy, Taylor Swift’s suspected boyfriend, is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the British band 1975. They’ve known one another for almost a decade.

Following the news that Taylor Swift had split from her longtime boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, reports claimed that the singer was seeing The 1975 frontman, Matty Healy. Matty appeared at Taylor’s Nashville shows earlier this month as part of her Eras Tour. On the second night in Nashville, he was observed singing along to her songs from the VIP area and joining opening act Phoebe Bridgers on stage. 

Taylor Swift’s time in the studio with Matty Healy

Healy and his band 1975 reportedly collaborated with Taylor on the Midnights album, but their work had been removed from the final track list; however, their contribution did not make it to the last track list; however, they spent a lot of time together in the studio and have been hanging out recently, as all the Swifties have confirmed. Swift made an unexpected cameo in London a few weeks after the collaboration, singing the band’s The City song.

What To Know About Taylor Swift's New Boyfriend
Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend 

Matt Healy repaid the favor by attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour gigs. This came shortly after The Sun claimed that the couple was about to go public. 

What did Taylor confirm?

Swift hardly said anything about their affair with Alwyn. They both valued one other’s privacy, so Swift’s willingness to discuss her romance was a breath of fresh air for fans. The singer’s demeanor and a series of statements she delivered while on tour confirmed that she is in a good position in life. She stated this on stage at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts:

“I don’t know, I’ve simply never been this content in all facets of my life before, and I kind of feel like telling you that.”

Taylow Swift Statement

Many have attributed her association with Healy to this, as the 1975 frontline has supported her. The British actress visited her at her New York City flat a few days before she rang in Gillette Stadium.  

Matty Healy kissed a security guard 

Amidst the dating rumors, Matty Healy kissed the security guy back and then went back for another one so he could take it home.

For those unfamiliar with the band’s act, Matt uses that song to kiss random individuals as part of the performance.

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According to the most recent insiders, the affair was not all that it seemed. We’d heard they were more laid-back than people had assumed. However, a People insider said on Tuesday that Tay Tay and the British Indie rocker were never exclusive! 

Taylor’s ex has made some revelations!  

Taylor Swift’s former boyfriend, Joe Alwyn has responded to their relationship. At the beginning of the year, the Bad Blood singer returned to her single status.

Taylor Swift thought it was time to end their relationship after six years with British actor Joe Alwyn. According to a source, their breakup was amicable and influenced by their romance. 

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