What happened to Zac Efron face? Face Transformation and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Since Zac Efron’s 2021 viral video went viral, fans have been enquiring about his facial features and whether he has had plastic surgery. In response to the persistent facial speculation that has surrounded Zac for the past year, he has finally spoken up and informed his fans of the truth.

Whence the alteration in Zac Efron’s appearance? Read on to learn what he has to say about the causes of the appearance of his face being different and the rumors of plastic surgery.

What happened to Zac Efron’s face?

Zac Efron’s different-looking face is not a result of plastic surgery, as he clarified in an interview. Zac suffered a jaw injury in 2013, which completely changed his facial feature. He suffered a broken jaw as well as other injuries when he slipped and hit his face on a fountain.

Zac also mentioned that he had stopped physical therapy for the injury for a period of time, which caused some facial issues. He also talked about how he changed physically for the Baywatch movie and how that had a negative effect on his mental health, causing him to have insomnia and experience depression.

Zac expressed regret over the extreme physical changes he underwent for the role and emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s heart and brain. He also mentioned that he seeks relationship advice from his younger brother, Dylan Efron, and values their close bond.

Zac’s accident

Last year, an accident caused a face transformation, Zac Efron revealed he had seen. The actor asserts that he accidentally tripped over a pair of socks while running at his house, collapsing after striking his chin and jaw on a granite fountain.

When he came to, he discovered that his chin bone was protruding from his face.

Zac Efron’s latest spotting: shows off a ripped physique on a luxury yacht in St. Tropez

On a luxurious yacht in St. Tropez on Sunday, Zac Efron showed off his toned physique while relaxing and enjoying some sun.

The shirtless actor flaunted his six-pack abs and chiseled biceps in photos obtained exclusively by Page Six while having a wild time in the popular vacation spot. 

What happened to Zac Efron face
What happened to Zac Efron face?

The 35-year-old “High School Musical” alum looked great for the day on the water in patterned swim trunks, reflective sunglasses, and a bucket hat.

Along with lying on the deck and tanning, Efron also rode a jet ski while dressed in a vest for some thrills. He later took a shower on the boat to calm down after the incident.

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Zac Efron face – FAQs

When was Zac Efron’s face injury?

Zac Efron recently disclosed that a 2013 accident that left him with a broken jaw “almost killed” him. Rumors that the “High School Musical” star had undergone plastic surgery were also referred to by the actor as “funny” Efron previously admitted that the hard-working muscles he had after the accident were what gave him a different jawline.

Does Zac Efron have kids?

Although it is obvious that Zac Efron loves being an uncle, he is not yet prepared to be a father. Since first becoming famous for playing the role of the teen dream, the 35-year-old has evolved into more mature roles. Most recently, he portrayed Ryan Kiera Armstrong’s father in the movie Firestarter.

Why was Zac Efron’s face swollen?

In a recent interview, Zac claimed that while at home, he tripped over a sock and fell into the granite corner of a fountain, where he was rendered unconscious. His chin bone was protruding from his face when he first awoke.

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