What happened to White Boy Rick? Is White Boy Rick based on a True Story?

What happened to White Boy Rick? The White Boy Rick: Who is He? Is the tale true? Everything you need to know about Richard Wershe, a teen drug dealer and the FBI’s youngest informant.

Hold on, stick around to the finish, and you’ll get all the answers.

Is White Boy Rick a true story?

Yes. The film “White Boy Rick,” produced in the year 2018 was propelled by the genuine story of a teen kid Richard Wershe, who was blamed for drug dealing in Detroit, his hometown.

The kid known as White Boy Rick at last became perhaps of the youngest informants throughout the entire existence of the FBI.

In spite of this, Wershe found himself wound up in legitimate difficulty and needed to follow through on a significant expense.

Who is White Boy Rick?

White Boy Rick is the epithet of Richard Wershe Jr., a teenage American drug dealer who was sentenced for drug dealing in 1987 at 17 years old. He was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole, however, was delivered in 2017 after serving 30 years.

Wershe was welcomed to the world in Detroit, Michigan, in 1969. He started drug dealing at 14 years old to help his mom and younger siblings. He immediately rose through the positions of the drug trade and became perhaps one of the best dealers in Detroit.

White Boy Rick
White Boy Rick

In 1987, Wershe was captured and accused of drug dealing. He was indicted and condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole. His case was pulled into public consideration, and many individuals accepted that he had been wrongly sentenced.

Wershe was let out of jail in 2017 subsequent to serving 30 years. He has since composed a book about his encounters, and he has shown up in a few narratives.

The narrative of White Boy Rick has been the subject of a few movies, including the 2018 film “White Boy Rick” featuring Matthew McConaughey and Richie Merritt.

What happened to White Boy Rick?

Richard Wershe is ordered for his new trial for the case of drug dealing in October 2023. Well, he is hoping that this time, the trial will result in his favor and will finally be acquitted and cleared.

White Boy Rick aka Richard Wershe Jr., was just 17 years old when he was convicted and arrested because of the accusation of being a teenage drug dealer, as drug dealing was illegal.

Though Richard was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment, he was released from prison in the year 2017, when he finally served 30 years of drug dealings. 

What happened to White Boy Rick? Is White Boy Rick based on a True Story?
What happened to White Boy Rick?

The Michigan Court of Appeals granted a new trial to White Boy Rick aka Richard Wershe Jr., in 2023 in the month of February.

The Michigan Court of Appeals held that the convictions levied on Richard could not be believed easily as they were based upon untrustworthy testimony from a paid informant.

Other than that, Richard Wershe has been working as a consultant and motivational speaker since he was released from jail. He has been an integral part of the numerous projects that aim to help the poor, young and all the needy people around.

By being an integral part of those projects, Richard hopes to prevent the young generation from committing the same mistake he did a few years back.

Since his popularity, Richard Wershe or White Boy Rick has continuously been a topic of controversy and complexity.

By the convictions, he was a teenage drug dealer. But when it comes to another point of view, his circumstances compelled him to do so. He had always maintained the level of innocence he got as a kid and a teenager.

The popular story of Richard Wershe, the youngest drug dealer, is all about the hazards in the trade of drugs.

White Boy Rick aka Richard Wershe wishes to change the world by competing with the differences and gaps in society. He serves as an inspiration for many people around him.

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