What happened to W2S lip? Unveiling the Mystery of Harry Lewis’s Injury

Dive inside the interesting world of Harry Lewis, popularly known as W2S on YouTube. Discover the unknown narrative of his lip, as he recounts the emotional moments and emotions that occurred.

Investigate his trip from Guernsey to London, his shared living arrangements with Callux and Calfreezy, and his future intentions to forge a new path.

Join us as we peel back the layers of Harry’s life, recording moments of struggle, victory, and unexpected turns that keep us on the edge of our seats.

Who is W2S on YouTube?

Harry Lewis, better known on YouTube as W2S, is a British man who creates films about video games, particularly FIFA. He uploads videos of himself playing FIFA to his numerous subscribers. As a result, he is quite well-known, and many people like seeing him play FIFA.

was born in Guernsey and raised in Alderney before returning to Guernsey. He attended Guernsey Grammar School alongside his brother Josh and sister Rosie.

His gang, the Sidemen, made jokes about him based on the Guernsey stereotype. He used to play football for a squad named ‘Rangers F.C.’ and became interested in gaming after his parents purchased him a Nintendo GameCube.

Harry, a Sidemen member, is one of three who never resided at the Sidemen House. He resided in Guernsey until 2014 when he and Callux and Calfreezy relocated to London.

They lived in a flat in the Stratford Halo tower before moving to a property near the Thames. After Callux moved, Harry and Calfreezy moved into a new flat in 2020.

Harry also has a property in Guernsey. In 2017, he got a puppy named Herb, who used to reside with him in London but now lives with his parents in Guernsey.

From 2014 until 2020, Harry was in a relationship with Katie Leach. He paid for many encounters at the Pascha brothel in Germany in 2015. He claims that this occurred before he was in a relationship.

What happened to W2S lip?

W2S’s lip got injured while playing football. It has been revealed that Harry, better known by his online alias W2S, recently suffered an injury while playing football (also known as soccer).

This occurrence motivated him to make a video in which he frankly confronts the circumstances around the injury.

What happened to W2S lip
What happened to W2S lip?

In this potentially entertaining and reflective film, Harry is expected to offer a full description of how the accident occurred, revealing intricate details about the precise time, the environment in which it occurred, and the reasons leading to the tragedy.

He may go into the actual sensations he had during the occurrence and the immediate aftermath to capture the intensity of the moment for his viewers.

Furthermore, viewers should expect Harry to reflect on the emotional consequences of the injury, including the initial shock, frustration, and possibly even dread that comes with such unanticipated setbacks.

He may be able to offer light on how the injury has impacted his everyday life, routine, and content production as someone who regularly communicates with his audience on numerous online platforms.

His viewers might learn whether the injury has hampered his ability to develop, film, and edit films, as well as how he’s dealing with this unanticipated disturbance.

Harry addresses his coping techniques in the video, detailing how he’s dealing with the physical and emotional implications of his disability.

Harry Lewis should investigate his recovery mentality, such as if he is focused on a quick return to usual activities or is taking a more careful and patient approach to guarantee a thorough healing process.

The film might also be an occasion for him to impart any advice he’s acquired from this experience, emphasizing the necessity of safety procedures or perhaps musing on life’s unpredictability.

Where is Harry Lewis right now?

Harry is currently residing in London. Harry went to London in September 2014, when he was 17 years old. He shared a flat with his mates Callux and Calfreezy in a building named Stratford Halo Tower.

In addition to his London property, Harry purchased a flat in Guernsey, where he was born, in March 2015. He did, however, later sell this flat.

From 2014 till the summer of 2018, Harry, Callux, and Calfreezy shared a flat in Stratford Halo Tower for roughly 4 years.

However, in the summer of 2018, they relocated to a lovely home at the end of King’s Stairs Close in Bermondsey, South-East London. In comparison to their former flat, this mansion was more comfortable and elegant.

The three of Harry, Callux, and Calfreezy lived in the Bermondsey house for almost a year and a half until Callux decided to move out and get his place in March 2020.

Calfreezy and Harry then moved into a smaller flat in London, where they now reside.

However, in early 2022, Harry revealed that he intends to divorce Calfreezy after seven years of living together and acquire his property in London, signifying a substantial shift in their living circumstances.

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