What happened to the other guy on American Pickers?

The “American Pickers” duo of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz has amassed more than 300 episodes throughout 21 seasons, making them one of the best and most well-known teams in television history.

Their program was one of the History Network’s biggest successes, and they contributed to its development both internally and externally. 

What happened to the other guy on American Pickers?

Frank Fritz was admitted to the hospital for the first time in July 2022 after a friend discovered he had suffered a stroke at home that had left him unable to stand. Fritz was put under a temporary conservatorship in August as a result of the incapacitating event.

According to court records, Fritz was unable to take care of himself in the majority of ways, both physically and financially, and a friend had requested an emergency appointment.

He was also too impaired to make sound decisions. The American Pickers veteran was given the all-clear from the hospital a month later, and he will now spend the ensuing months in a rehabilitation facility getting better.

Why did Frank leave American Pickers?

Before taking a leave of absence to recover from a taxing back surgery that left him with 185 stitches and two stems in his spine, he made his final appearance on the program in March 2020. Fritz was open to the idea of returning to the show once he had recovered.

The Wolfe Robbie’s brother, however, eventually took his place. Frank and Mike were supposed to travel the country looking for valuable antiques for season 21 of American Pickers to be a typical season.

What happened to the other guy on American Pickers?
What happened to the other guy on American Pickers?

Both men appeared in the seventh episode of the show, Burlesque Queen, as usual, but by episode eight, Frank was nowhere to be found. Frank’s co-stars Mike and Danielle Colby did not mention his absence during the season, and it happened without their help.

In July 2021, Frank claimed that he did not leave the show in an exclusive interview with The Sun and that he was eager to rejoin the cast. Frank also clarified that he did not leave the show.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz’s reunion

The creators of the original “American Pickers,” Iowa’s Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, got back together over the Memorial Day weekend after nearly three years of trading insults and compliments on social media and in tabloids.

A “longtime friend” of Fritz’s claims that the two talked about “old times,” including their shared apprehension before an appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman,” one of the pair’s early talk show appearances.

According to the friend who spoke to the Times, Wolfe “said, “Nobody can replace you, Frank.” He claimed that the reason they worked so well as a team was Frank’s “uniquely funny personality.”  Tears were flowing from both sides.

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American Pickers – FAQs

Why is the other guy on American Pickers anymore?

The 56-year-old’s most recent episode of the program was in March 2020. He reportedly took a break in part to address health issues, which included undergoing back surgery and battling Chron’s disease, according to TMZ.

Whatever happened to Frank on American Pickers?

Fritz has experienced several medical issues, including back surgery, Crohn’s disease, and a stroke, but they have not been mentioned as the cause of his departure. In a recent Instagram video, Wolfe took viewers inside the making of American Pickers.

What happened to the other co-host of American Pickers?

Frank Fritz, a former “American Pickers” co-host, is in the hospital after having a stroke, according to Mike Wolfe, another former co-host. Wolfe shared the information on Instagram on Thursday. Frank has a stroke and is currently receiving treatment, according to Wolfe. 

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