What happened to Taylor Swift and John Mayer? Everything you wish to know about Swift and Mayer

“I was 19 in a White Dress when you told me I’m your Princess…” 

Oops! Sorry Emeline, we used your lyrics here. What else can we do if the situation is so similar? She was 19 when she met him, fell for him, and dated him. Yeah, but he was 32! But who cares? Age doesn’t matter in love.  

John Mayer’s Approach to Taylor Swift 

It was the month of March 2009 when John Mayer tried to contact Taylor Swift on Twitter, probably the only way he could reach her. He intended to collaborate with a young, beautiful, and Fearless Singer and even compared Swift to Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Stevie Nicks. 

Mayer said he wanted to sing his song “Half of My Heart” with Taylor Swift as no one else could do it so better like her. 

Taylor just released her second album at that time. John’s proposal for collaboration made her crazy. It was like Swift was living her dream. Imagine your favorite singer approached you to collaborate with him, how would you feel? The same was with her at that time.

After hearing the proposal, Taylor freaked out loud, because she has been a big fan of John Mayer for so long. She was so excited to work with her dream singer.  

“Half Of My Heart (2009)”

Taylor Swift started traveling across the United States with her Fearless tour when John Mayer joined her on stage. Taylor was performing on stage when John popped up at Staples Center in Los Angeles and stepped out to sing “Your Body Is A Wonderland” and “White Horse.” Swifties melted after Mayer’s surprised appearance as both of them were going to release their song “Half of My Heart” in the same year. 

We would not be wrong if we say that their first song (together) was quite suitable for their situations. “Half Of My Heart” was about a person who sees his/her heart in two parts: half of the heart wants his/her partner and the other half doesn’t want a relationship.

Both of them performed their song on stage as well in December 2009, after its release in June 2009. At this point, the sources were a bit sure about their chemistry.

Swift, Mayer, and a brief relationship   

Well, the pair have never confirmed a fixed timeline for their relationship. As per the assumptions, they started dating officially in December 2009. However, this chemistry lived for a short term only. It ended somewhere in mid-2010. However, some of the reports claimed that the pair parted ways in February 2010.

However, it would be quite inappropriate to rely on these reports because of some of their moments that came into the limelight after February.

In June 2010, Mayer presented Swift with an award at the Ceremony of 41st Annual Songwriters Hall Of Fame. The couple seemed so normal and there was no bad blood between them. 

What happened to Taylor Swift and John Mayer? Everything you wish to know about Swift and Mayer
What happened to Taylor Swift and John Mayer?

Even John praised Taylor in his speech that she would always give a hit song even if you put her in a time machine in any era. This made everyone believe that they were together at that time. Fans believe that it was the time when things started getting hard for the couple.

Shortly after the CMT awards, the Songwriters Awards took place, which was attended by both stars. As per the sources, fans claim that Swift’s “The Story Of Us” was about their meeting at the award function. Taylor wrote the lyrics like a story of on-off romance that came to a bitter end.

“Dear John” and Their Breakup  

After a few months after their last appearance together at the Award show, Taylor used her songwriting talent to tell about her split with Mayer when she released “Dear John,” on her album ‘Speak Now.’  

The lyrics were composed in such a way that it was saying, “Nineteen is too young to be played by dark twisted games.” 

Fans speculated that the song is targeting John Mayer and their short-term relationship. Firstly, it says “Dear John,” and secondly, Taylor was 19 when she started dating John Mayer.

All these things symbolize that Taylor wrote this for John. In response to Taylor’s “Dear John,” Mayer released his song “Paper Doll” in 2013, saying She did not know herself. The battle of words between the star exes was so trending at that time. And this confirmed their breakup.

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Taylor Swift and John MayerFAQs

Have Taylor and John dated?

Yes, Taylor Swift and John Mayer started dating in December 2009 after they released their song “Half Of My Heart” in June 2009. 

How old were Taylor and John when they started dating?

Taylor Swift was 19 and John Mayer was 32 when both started dating each other.

Who approached first, Taylor or John?

John Mayer approached Taylor Swift to collaborate with him on his upcoming song “Half Of My Heart,” after which they developed a chemistry between them.

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