Sub Urban’s Unique Appearance: What happened to Sub Urban face?

Danny Maisonneuve, otherwise called Sub Urban, is a performer from New Jersey who has cut out a one-of-a-kind way in the elective music scene, going from exiting school to turning into a viral sensation.

Sub Urban’s rising from indefinite quality to distinction with the arrival of his presentation EP, “Thrill Seeker,” is downright charming.

The Viral Breakthrough: ‘Cradles’ and Unforeseen Success

The release of his first song, “Cradles,” by Sub Urban in 2017 was a risky move. Nearly half a billion streams of the song have been made on Spotify alone, proving the song’s unexpected popularity with listeners.

However, Maisonneuve reflects on the surreal nature of such massive success: After a while, you start to kind of forget that these are all real people. That large number is beyond comprehension. Then you move on after accepting it.

Embracing Pressure and Aspiring for More

Sub Urban had to overcome the difficulty of keeping up his momentum after the success of “Cradles.” It was clear that there was pressure to produce music that would match the online sensation.

Although I was pleased with “Cradles'” success, I want to build on it. The biggest pressure bomb, he acknowledges.

The Birth of Sub Urban: Dropping Out and Pursuing Passion

When Maisonneuve bravely decided to leave high school at the age of 16 to pursue his musical goals, his life’s trajectory took a crucial turn.

Although it was a risk, he made a decision that changed the course of his success.

What happened to Sub Urban face?

Suburban’s face did not change. His distinctive appearance, which includes dark circles under his eyes and a somewhat gaunt appearance, has always been present. This is probably because of his taste in clothing and how he prefers to carry himself during both his live performances and music videos.

Although some have hypothesized that Sub Urban’s appearance is related to drug use, there is no proof to back up this assertion.

What happened to Sub Urban face
What happened to Sub Urban face?

It is impossible to say with certainty why he looks the way he does since he has never publicly discussed his personal life or health.


It is crucial to keep in mind that every person’s body is unique even though there is not a single right way to look. Sub Urban does not mind how he looks and should not be judged for it.

Themes like self-harm, anxiety, and depression are among the difficult subjects that Sub Urban frequently addresses in his music. He might express these emotions through his sense of style and create a bond with his followers by connecting with them about similar experiences.

In the end, it is up to each person to decide what they think of Sub Urban’s appearance.

From Skepticism to Pride: The Evolution of Parental Support

His parents were initially worried about him dropping out of school, but their doubts were soon replaced with pride after “Cradles” became successful and “Thrill Seeker” was released.

The change was significant: “My parents now have complete confidence in my judgment, and they are extremely proud of me… I am now playing a completely different role after a painful but incredibly rewarding journey.”

The Proud Parents: A New Dynamic

Maisonneuve’s parents, once cautious about his music aspirations, have now become his biggest fans.

They closely follow his achievements, tracking radio plays and streaming numbers, demonstrating an unwavering belief in his talent. “He’s so invested.

And my mum is constantly looking at articles and social media. It’s a beautiful thing to see. From where we all were five years ago to now.”

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