What happened to Steven Tyler?

The lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith, Steven Victor Tallarico (born March 26, 1948), also plays the harmonica, piano, and percussion in the group, and is best known as Steven Tyler.

Due to his loud, powerful, and varied vocal range, he has been dubbed the “Demon of Screamin’.” He is also renowned for his acrobatics on stage.

During his performances, Tyler typically dons bright, occasionally androgynous attire, makeup, and his signature scarves that hang from his microphone stand.

The married life and relationships of Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler was previously married to Teresa Barrick and Cyrinda Foxe, and Steve is currently in a relationship with Aimee Preston. Learn more about his previous relationships here.

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler (Source: Instagram)

Steven Tyler, who is 75 years old, is one of the most recognizable lead singers in the history of rock music.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, the accomplished musician has led Aerosmith. He recently made headlines after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman he allegedly dated 50 years ago, when she was 16 years old.

He married twice and had numerous relationships as the band rose to fame. Additionally, he was said to have dated a few women, but no relationships were ever formally acknowledged.

What happened to Steven Tyler?

Recently, news broke about Tyler being embroiled in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles. The accusations are severe, including sexual assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress on a minor.

What happened to Steven Tyler?
What happened to Steven Tyler?

Such accusations have the potential to damage the reputation he has worked so hard to establish.

The legal issues clearly place a heavy burden on Tyler and the Aerosmith band, even though more information is still coming to light.

Steven Tyler’s Journey with Aerosmith

In the early days of 1970, Aerosmith was born with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at its helm. The band’s popularity soared, establishing its position as one of rock’s most significant bands with the sale of more than 150 million albums globally.

Despite being supported by a talented cast that includes Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Joe Perry, and Brad Whitford, Tyler is easily recognizable thanks to his distinctive voice.

Despite Hamilton and Kramer having notable net worths of $100 million each, Tyler is the richest of the three.

Aerosmith’s Farewell Tour Announcement

The original plan for Aerosmith’s farewell tour was for it to take place this year. However, recent information regarding Tyler’s legal issues has somewhat overshadowed this event. 

The current situation has complicated their plans, which were meant to be a grand farewell during this tour.

It is unclear how these legal issues will impact Tyler’s participation in the band’s farewell tour and its course.

Steven Tyler’s Health Issues

Beyond the legal issues, Steven Tyler’s health has also been a point of concern. Steven recently suffered a serious vocal cord injury, which forced the cancellation of several Aerosmith shows. Tyler’s health has previously had an effect on his career. 

Back in 1998, while promoting Nine Lives, he had a ligament injury due to a mishap with a microphone stand.

Furthermore, Tyler’s diagnosis with Morton’s Neuroma, possibly due to his penchant for wearing small shoes since the 1970s, adds to the list.

Such health issues have inevitably impacted Aerosmith’s plans and performances.

The Impact on Aerosmith’s Tour Schedule

The farewell tour’s recent postponements have disappointed many fans. Specific performances, including one at Chicago’s United Center, have been rescheduled.

This disruption is largely attributed to Tyler’s vocal cord injury, which demands ample recovery time.

As of the latest updates, the band has postponed about half a dozen dates, affecting many fans who eagerly awaited their performances.

Steven Tyler Net Worth

In September 2023, the legendary frontman of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, had an astonishing net worth of $150 million.

This remarkable sum not only underscores his immense success in the music industry but also makes him the most affluent member of Aerosmith.

He is ahead of Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer, both of whom have commendable net worths of $100 million.

Over the years, the waves of Steven Tyler’s net worth have witnessed highs and lows. In the 1990s, which were characterized by struggles with addiction, he filed for bankruptcy.

But he was able to recover thanks to his fortitude and unwavering spirit, bringing his wealth back to the impressive $150 million it is today.

Steven Tyler’s Versatility and Career

Beyond Aerosmith’s boundaries, Tyler’s versatility shines brightly. Three solo albums and several top-charting singles later, he has received widespread praise for his solo work.

Furthermore, Tyler has graced the screen in programs like “The Drew Carey Show” and served as a memorable judge on “American Idol,” in addition to performing live.

Steven Tyler’s Influence and Legacy

Tyler’s influence transcends music; he’s a cultural phenomenon. His tenure as an American Idol judge put him in the company of other musical legends and had an effect on a new generation of music lovers.

His substantial net worth reflects his legendary status and demonstrates the breadth and depth of his contributions to pop culture.

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