What happened to Steve Harvey wife?

What happened to Steve Harvey’s wife? Steve Harvey, the famous host of American TV shows has entertained his audience with his comedy. He got married to Marjorie in 2007.

What happened to his wife Marjorie? Are they getting divorced? Be with us till the end to know the truth.

What happened to Steve Harvey wife? 

There were speculations all around about the couple that they were about to divorce. Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie came in front and spoke the truth about what was going on in her married life with Steve Harvey.

Well, the couple had already confirmed on social media like their Instagram handle that they were NOT getting divorced. It was all just a rumor.

However, even after this claim, Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie came forward and had an interview with Hollywood Life in which she confirmed that everything was normal in her married life and she was not getting divorced from her husband.

Marjorie had an open talk about the eleven-year journey of her happily married life and further confirmed that the speculations were completely wrong.

There is nothing wrong in her marital life, the couple were still happy with each other and they were not getting divorced.

When the interviewer asked about the rumors about their divorce, Marjorie simply said that she and her husband Steve Harvey do not pay attention to such kinds of fake rumors.

The fake rumors about their divorce had spread during a tough situation for the couple who share seven children.

The news went viral that Steve Harvey’s talk show was about to get nixed after seven years of its successful journey. After two days, another news broke out that Steve Harvey was about to get replaced as a host of ‘Little Big Shots’ with Melissa McCarthy.

During all these tough situations, Marjorie was supporting her husband and both of them appeared to be getting more and more stronger when the fake rumor about their divorce broke out.

Who is Steve Harvey’s wife?

Steve Harvey, the famous American comedian and host of talk shows met the love of his life, Marjorie Elaine Harvey, in a comedy club in Memphis in the year 1990.

They began dating shortly after they fell for each other. Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey got married in 2007.

What happened to Steve Harvey wife
What happened to Steve Harvey wife?

Marjorie is a prominent fashion icon, an American Socialite, and a popular personality in the virtual world of the internet. No doubt that she gained huge fame and recognition for being the wife of world-famous comedian and acclaimed host of television talk shows, Steve Harvey.

However, Marjorie Elaine Harvey surprised the audience and everybody else when she started ‘The Lady Loves Couture.’ It was an initiative by Marjorie Harvey that caters to the needs of women like face and beauty.

Soon after she started ‘The Lady Love Couture,’ she began getting more fame, recognition and love on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey now works as a great idea and inspiration for many women all around the world and has gained a huge respect from them for not getting herself overshadowed in the worldwide fame and popularity of her husband but instead choosing to create a unique path of career for herself.  

While talking about her first meeting with Steve Harvey, Marjorie said that she was quite late to the comedy show, where she went with her girlfriend.

When she came down with her girlfriend, Steve quit breathing, as he saw her. Marjorie said that she was terrified that Steve would call her out on stage because she was late and she thought that she would be a part of the show.

She further added that Steve simply stopped the show while he was staring at her as if he was like he did not know she was but he would marry her.

They began hanging out and dating each other soon after that when they found out that both thought the same about each other and after dating each other for years, they finally decided to get married in 2007.

Since then, the couple have been together and share seven beautiful children. Both of them share a strong and beautiful bond full of love and care for each other.   

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