What happened to Shirley Strawberry Husband?

The prominent radio host and co-host of ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show,’ Shirley Strawberry, hinted about some dramatic phases going on in her life related to her husband.

She claimed that she was scammed by her husband. What happened to Shirley Strawberry and her husband? Be with us to know everything about Shirley Strawberry.

Who is Shirley Strawberry’s Husband?

Shirley Strawberry got married to Ernesto Williams, a prominent American entrepreneur and Men Grooming professional, owner of Ernesto Cuts, in the year 2015. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry of Men’s grooming, widely famous as Ernesto Cuts.

What happened to Shirley Strawberry Husband?
Shirley Strawberry / Source: Twitter

Other than Ernesto Cuts, he is known for owning ‘The 24 Hour Barber Shop.’ He has a bunch of very prominent and renowned clients like Akon, Shaquille O’Neal, and other celebrities.

He has worked with celebrity clients from various fields like social media personalities, government officials, the National Basketball Association, other media personalities and the National Football League.

Not to mention, Ernesto is a successful businessman who won numerous prizes for founding the “24 Hour Barber Shop” and the Ernesto Cuts mobile barbershop.

The American businessman has received praise for being Atlanta’s Who’s Who. Additionally, he has been highlighted in well-known periodicals including Dub Magazine, Atlanta Journal, Barbers Only, the New York Times, and others.

Williams’s most significant achievement began when he was given the chance to work with “The Shepherd Spinal Center.” Over 5,000 haircuts have been provided by the hairstylist, and the number is continuously rising.

Williams, Strawberry’s partner, and they exchanged nuptials on January 9, 2015. In 2022, the power couple marked their seventh wedding anniversary.

Ernesto and TV celebrity Strawberry’s ages are not known to be different.

However, we are aware that Ernesto’s birthday, January 9, coincides with the day of their wedding. Ernesto’s age in 2022 was 57. Strawberry, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, celebrates her birthday on July 28 every year.

What happened to Shirley Strawberry Husband?

Shirley asserted that her husband Ernesto Williams had been defrauding her for years in a now-deleted Instagram video from earlier this summer.

Shirley claimed in the moving video that Ernesto had misled her about both his identity and his motivations.

What happened to Shirley Strawberry Husband
What happened to Shirley Strawberry Husband?

She said that Ernesto had been purchasing luxury goods including automobiles, homes, and other stuff using her name and credit without her knowledge or approval.

Shirley likewise said that Ernesto had been cheating on her, incorporating certain ladies whom he had impregnated.

Shirley uncovered that she found all of this in the wake of recruiting a confidential investigator to investigate Ernesto and added that she felt stunned and double-crossed by what the specialist had uncovered.

She additionally added that she was attempting to mend and continue from all that she had found, and she was appreciative of the help of her partners as she managed this disloyalty.

Ernesto is imprisoned

When Shirley made these findings public, there were rumors that Ernesto had been detained for possessing an assault weapon and would now spend 23 months in jail.

Now that calls connecting Ernesto and Shirley and the person he had been having an affair with have supposedly leaked, there has been a new wave of mayhem.

In one call, Shirley expresses her deep apprehension about Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie and implies that she views the coworkers on Steve’s radio show as “the help.”

She also claimed that Marjorie was having her own workout room along with a spa. She could easily go in there anytime and could get massages anytime she wanted to.

People used to visit her and work her out and she was amazed as if what a beautiful life she was living.

The chaos of these calls recommends that Shirley probably won’t be very finished with Ernesto at this time.

Anything the present status of their relationship could be, however, obviously fans will learn considerably more about where things stand when she examines everything on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

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