What happened to Shannon Sharpe? Why is Shannon Sharpe leaving ‘Undisputed’?

What happened to Shannon Sharpe? Why is he leaving ‘Undisputed’? Will Shannon Sharpe be back on ‘Undisputed’?

Has Shannon Sharpe reached a buyout with Fox Sports? Don’t worry, here is everything you need to know about Shannon Sharpe’s next move.

What happened to Shannon Sharpe?

Shannon Sharpe is officially breaking up with Skip Bayless. The long-time talking heads have hosted ‘Undisputed’ on FS1 together since the show started in the year 2016.

However, as per the official reports of Ryan Glasspiegel of New York, this partnership will no longer be seen together as it came to an end. They were set to end their partnership after the NBA finals 2023.

As per the reports of Glasspiegel, Shannon Sharpe has reached a buyout with the popular parent company of FS1, Fox Sports, which will let him leave ‘Undisputed’ and the network as well.

Shannon would bring his popular podcast ‘Club Shay Shay’ along with him. Shannon Sharpe announced this officially after the NBA Finals 2023 ended. He thanked Skip Bayless and was quite emotional while speaking his last sentences in the network.

Fans are constantly asking about the reason behind his departure from the network. They are speculating on different things behind his decision.

But what is the actual decision behind Shannon Sharpe’s departure? Why is he leaving ‘Undisputed’?

Why is Shannon Sharpe leaving ‘Undisputed’?

Well, Shannon Sharpe did not disclose the actual reason behind his departure from the prominent television program ‘Undisputed’.

What happened to Shannon Sharpe? Why is Shannon Sharpe leaving ‘Undisputed’?
What happened to Shannon Sharpe?

Also, there are no official reports defining the main reason behind Shannon’s decision to leave the network.

However, the most anticipated reason is his relationship issues with his co-host Skip Bayless. Since his break up with Bayless, there have been some tensions between them, which might have been disturbing him.

It might be the reason that he decided to leave ‘Undisputed’ and the network as well.

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless have been popular for sparring on air frequently. However, there have been some incidents when it was seen that there has been quite a legitimate animosity between the co-hosts, maybe because of their personal relationship.

For example, an incident went viral when the two of them nearly came to blows. It was the time when Shannon Sharpe took offense to the characterization of Skip Bayless in his playing career.

It started when Skip Bayless took a shot at Shannon Sharpe first, while he was appreciating Tom Brady for his long and successful career. And this compelled Sharpe to snap back at Bayless with another point.

Sharpe and Bayless’ beef over Damar Hamlin

Skip Bayless has commented on the cardiac arrest of Damar Hamlin, which was possibly the beginning of the end of this beautiful journey of Sharpe and Bayless.

After Damar Hamlin suffered from a Cardiac arrest, Bayless posted a tweet on his account about Hamlin’s cardiac arrest which seemed to be quite insensitive.

Shannon Sharpe did not host ‘Undisputed’ the next day after Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. When he returned to the program after a leave, he tried to explain his absence, which was in protest of the tweet shared by Skip Bayless.

His co-host, Bayless, interrupted in between without letting him complete his words. This situation boosted a sense of frustration for Sharpe and he openly criticized Bayless for what he tweeted about Hamlin’s cardiac arrest.

Skip Bayless responded that he had no idea that they would discuss the tweeter’s incident on the program and this made the opening of the popular show most uncomfortable for both of them and perhaps for the audience as well.

Fans noticed that the strains between the co-hosts were palpable and real at that moment. After the incident, many fans speculated that the two might end their journey and break up soon.

Indeed as they thought, the relationship between the two was fraught. It no longer exists, at least when it comes to the professional front, the two are not together.

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