What happened to Selena Gomez face? Why does her face look different?

Selena Gomez’s different face looks perhaps connected with her continuous lupus battle.

Her face has gone through severe changes and she looks completely different to the earlier Selena Gomez these days.

What happened to her face? Why does it seem different? Did she get plastic surgery?

What happened to Selena Gomez face?

Selena Gomez’s facial looks have changed completely these days. Her skin got thickened, more chubby and different from what she was earlier.

It is speculated that these changes might be the result of the medications she followed while she was battling with lupus.

The medication involves Glucocorticoid, which is potentially used to reduce inflammation and may cause puffiness in the facial skin due to fluid retention and irregular redistribution of fat all around the face.

What happened to Selena Gomez face
What happened to Selena Gomez face?

Such side effects of the medication highlight the intricate relationship between medication and health, proving that even the most suitable and prescribed medication can cause unexpected changes in physical appearance.

Why does Selena look different?

It might be possible that the changes in her facial looks are due to her struggle with lupus, which she revealed in 2015.

Though Lupus itself can not cause such severe changes in someone’s looks, the medication people opt for the treatment of lupus might have some side effects.

Prednisone, a drug generally used in the medication of lupus may be a contributing factor for this. Generally, the use of Prednisone causes swelling in the facial skin, a chubby face or a moon face.

When taken orally or directed through injections, Prednisolone changes the body’s insusceptible reaction and lessens irritation, however, it can likewise upset the equilibrium between electrolytes and fluid regulations inside the body, thus causing irregular redistribution of fat all around the face.

This prompts the increased reabsorption of water and sodium in the kidneys, adding to fluid development and swelling, especially in the face.

While the medicine can be significant for treating different medical problems, it’s essential to perceive that secondary effects like facial puffiness can happen because of its effect on liquid elements inside the body.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez (Source: Instagram)

Such changes are usually common among the patients with lupus, which changes the overall physical personality of an individual.

It is most common in those patients who use prednisone as a part of their medication for the treatment of lupus.

Other than that, it could also be possible that Selena developed such a chubby face due to natural factors like aging. It is quite normal for any individual to undergo several physical changes as they grow old.

Did Selena Gomez have Plastic Surgery? 

No. There is not any official report or evidence that says so. The changes in her facial looks might be the result of some makeup tactics she used earlier or due to the natural factors like aging.

While the speculation connecting Selena Gomez’s changing facial appearance to her lupus treatment is conceivable, it’s basic to think that there is no actual evidence that proves that the medication causes such changes in her physical appearance.

Moreover, it’s fundamental to recognize that the realm of renowned personalities and media frequently includes the adroit use of cosmetics methods, for example, contouring.

These high-level cosmetics procedures have the possibility to reshape the view of an individual’s face in photos and videos considerably.

By deftly controlling light and shadow, these strategies make visual illusions that emphasize explicit facial points while decreasing others.

Likewise, other factors can also contribute to the changes, including the normal aging process that affects the physical appearance of everybody all around in the long run.

Facial elements intrinsically adjust with age, and Selena, similar to any individual, may be going through these steady changes naturally.

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