What happened to Rob Williams RAD Radio?

Host Rob Williams recently announced it on social media, leaving fans both surprised and eager for what lies ahead. With a legacy of success and a dedicated following, the show has been a cherished fixture in the Sacramento radio landscape.

As they prepare for a relaunch on their RadRadio.com platform and continue to be heard on Lotus Communications’ 104.5 KDOT in Reno, NV, the team is set to embark on an exciting new chapter, promising to return bigger and better than ever. Let’s delve into the end of an era and the anticipation surrounding the show’s upcoming relaunch.

What happened to Rob Williams RAD radio?

After a remarkable 24-year run on Audacy Rock’s “98 Rock on KRXQ Sacramento, the iconic “Rob, Anybody, & Dawn” show has bid farewell to the station. Host Rob Williams took to social media to share the news, leaving fans both surprised and eager for what’s to come.

On Thursday night, Rob Williams posted on social media, hinting at his departure from 98 Rock. He expressed his gratitude to the listeners and assured them that this was not the end of the road for him.

The show plans to return bigger and better than ever after a summer vacation, with a relaunch scheduled for July 10 on their RadRadio.com platform.

“Rob, Arnie, and Dawn” to “Rob, Anybody, and Dawn”:

The show’s journey began as “Rob, Arnie, and Dawn” until co-host Arnie States left in 2015. Since then, the program has continued to captivate audiences with a dynamic team that includes Rob Williams, Dawn Rossi, and producers Brandon Angel and Kyle Halldorson. Their on-air chemistry and engaging content have made the show a beloved fixture in the Sacramento radio landscape.

The “Rob, Anybody, and Dawn” show, owned by Rob Williams’ Williams Broadcasting, first premiered on KDOT in 1996 before making its mark on KRXQ in 1999. Over the years, it has garnered a dedicated following and gained popularity beyond Sacramento, being syndicated to other markets.

A New Chapter: Continuing the Journey

As the show bids farewell to 98 Rock, anticipation builds for their relaunch on July 10 on RadRadio.com. Fans can look forward to a fresh start, new announcements, and the team’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment and engaging conversations.

What happened to Rob Williams RAD Radio
What happened to Rob Williams RAD Radio?

Even though they’re saying goodbye to 98 Rock, the “Rob, Anybody, and Dawn” show is far from over. The team’s dedication to their listeners and passion for their craft will undoubtedly drive them forward in this new chapter.

Additionally, they will still be heard on Lotus Communications’ 104.5 KDOT in Reno, NV, ensuring that fans across different regions can continue to enjoy their unique brand of radio.

The end of an era at 98 Rock marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for the beloved radio show. Fans eagerly await the relaunch, knowing that Rob Williams and his team will deliver nothing short of excellence in the days to come.

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Rob Williams – FAQs

Are Rob Anybody and Dawn off the air?

The morning program “Rob, Anybody, and Dawn” leaves “98 Rock in Sacramento after serving the station for 24 years. Arnie and Arnie & Dawn” was the original name of the program when it first began in 1996 at Lotus Communications’ “Rock 104.5” KDOT. In addition to continuing on KDOT and being syndicated to additional markets, it moved to KRXQ in 1999.

What happened to Arnie on RAD Radio?

States attempted suicide on October 22, 2012, which led to a three-week break in the show’s production. On November 13, 2012, he made his comeback to the program. The show and website completely scrubbed Arnie’s name off the air on March 10, 2015, following a month-long personal leave of absence.

Is Rob from RAD Radio married?

Rob from RAD Radio is married to Christina.

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