What happened to Michael on Southern Charm?

In the sparkling world of Southern Charm, where glory and Southern hospitality reign supreme, the perplexing story of Michael unfurls.

This is an account of mystery and secret, interest, and a spot of destiny that has left enthusiasts of the hit reality TV show pondering, “What happened to Michael?” 

Go along with us as we set out on an enthralling journey to disentangle the mysteries and surprises behind Michael’s journey in this notable Southern adventure.

Who is Michael in Southern Charm?

Michael Kelcourse is Patricia Altschul’s former butler and close friend. He has been highlighted on Southern Charm since its first season.

Michael is a kind and caring person who is continuously able to help other people. He is also a diligent employee and is committed to his work.

Michael is a famous figure among the Southern Charm cast members and fans. He is known for his dry sense of humor and his capacity to stay calm in any circumstance.

He is likewise a valuable resource for Patricia, who frequently depends on him for guidance and support.

What happened to Michael on Southern Charm?

In a surprising turn of events, Michael Kelcourse, popularly known as Michael the Butler on Southern Charm, faced the challenges of an intense spinal cord infarction in February 2021.

This revelation came from Whitney Sudler-Smith, the child of Patricia Altschul. Remarkably, an acute spinal cord infarction is frequently informally referred to as a “spinal cord stroke.”

What happened to Michael on Southern Charm
What happened to Michael on Southern Charm?

Whitney informed that, because of this appalling incident, significant nerve damage and impairment have occurred.

Nonetheless, he expressed good faith about Michael’s recovery, emphasizing the important help and support provided by the exceptional doctors and other top-class physicians at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

Patricia is updating fans about Michael’s status

Following the revelation that Michael was under medical observation due to a spinal cord stroke, Patricia has been giving her fans regular updates on his status.

In March 2021, Patricia shared on her Twitter account that Michael had been perseveringly engaged in rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center.

She referenced that he was effectively conferring cooking skills to fellow patients, which is both motivating and noteworthy. 

Patricia further explained that Michael had suffered from a relatively uncommon spinal cord stroke however kept a confident viewpoint, focusing on adjusting to life with paralysis.

Patricia went further in her support for Michael’s recovery by providing fans with a heartfelt opportunity to send messages of encouragement and well-wishes during his recovery process. 

She facilitated this connection through the Caring Bridge app, permitting admirers to convey their support and positive considerations directly to Michael as he continues going on his way to recovery at the Shepherd Center.

Is Michael Butler a real Butler?

Yes, Michael Kelcourse, popularly known as the butler on Southern Charm, was without a doubt a genuine butler in every sense.

His unflinching devotion and immaculate impressive skill were apparent during his wonderful service of more than 18 years to Patricia Altschul. 

Michael was not just known for his commitment to his role but also for his unmistakable dry sense of humor, which added a unique charm to his character and personality.

During a 2019 interview, Michael expounded on the diverse nature of his role, explaining that it encompassed more than traditional butler duties like watching out for silverware and calls.

He described it as a diverse array of tasks, including pet care, car maintenance, shopping, providing help and assistance, handling travel arrangements, and packing, among different responsibilities.

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