What Happened to Mark Cavendish?

Despite his hopes of breaking the all-time stage victory record, Cavendish’s final Tour de France ended in disappointment.

Explore his remarkable career, including his achievements and the emotional conclusion to his Tour de France journey. Let us investigate the full story.

Who is Mark Cavendish?

Mark Cavendish, the renowned British cyclist, and sprinting sensation, has captivated fans worldwide with his explosive speed and remarkable achievements throughout his career.

As he embarked on his final Tour de France, hopes were high for Cavendish to surpass Eddy Merckx’s record of 34 stage victories and leave an indelible mark on cycling history. However, fate had other plans as a devastating crash during stage 8 shattered his dreams and forced him to bid farewell to the prestigious race.

What happened to Mark Cavendish?

After colliding with other riders during stage 8’s last 60 kilometers and fracturing his collarbone, Mark Cavendish withdrew from the race. Cavendish fails in his final effort to break the record in the Tour de France.

The most successful sprinter in Tour history, who was competing in his final season, fell out on Saturday’s eighth stage. His team reported that he will need surgery because he cracked his right collarbone.

13 years after his first victory, Cavendish tied Eddy Merckx’s record of 34 stage victories at the 2021 Tour, but he was not chosen last year.  Cavendish, often known as “The Manx Missile” because he is from the Isle of Man, finished second in the seventh stage.

With 63 kilometers remaining, the former world champion, 38, crashed while riding at the tail of the pack at roughly 45 kph (28 mph). The seasoned rider could be seen clutching his right shoulder while lying on the ground in TV shots.

Gianni Moscon made some claims

Gianni Moscon, a teammate of Cavendish, claimed that he had to brake hard due to a crash in front of him. Someone changed the line, according to Moscon, and the driver crashed into the person in front of him and went down. Mosconi continued, “It was extremely nasty. I stayed with him, but he was unable to continue, so we had to rejoin the pack.

What Happened to Mark Cavendish
What Happened to Mark Cavendish? / Credit: Getty Images

As he was assisted into an ambulance to receive medical attention, Cavendish appeared upset. He was observed grasping his collarbone after colliding, and he was unable to get back on his bike to finish the race. He was spotted being upset as he was assisted into an ambulance, and it immediately occurred to him that this was his final Tour. The rider’s abandonment was verified by his team, Astana Qazaqstan.

Fan’s reaction: They are extremely saddened

On Twitter, they wrote: “(Mark Cavendish) crashed with Pello Bilbao 60 kilometers from the finish and had to give up. He rode the ambulance out of the race.

Since then, Astana has provided another update, revealing that Cavendish has a shattered right collarbone. His fracture from the 2017 Tour has recurred, and according to the statement, the osteosynthesis screw in his acromioclavicular joint is loose as a result of the fracture.

As it became apparent that the great British rider’s final deed in the Tour de France would be a crash, cycling fans were saddened.

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Mark Cavendish – FAQs

What is going on with Mark Cavendish?

As he crashed out of what is expected to be his final Tour de France before retiring, Mark Cavendish shattered his collarbone. The stage eight finish line for the 200.7-kilometer marathon from Libourne to Limoges was roughly 60 kilometers from the Manxman, 38, who was involved in a seemingly unimportant crash.

Did Cavendish crash when?

The talented sprinter, who was competing in his final season, fell out of the race on Saturday’s eighth stage with what appears to be a fractured collarbone.

How big are the cranks Mark Cavendish uses?

Cavendish, who is a decidedly average 1.75m (5ft 8in) tall, switched from last year’s 52cm frame to a 49cm one, the smallest size that Specialized offers.

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