What happened to Lewis Capaldi? He lost his voice on stage

After canceling three weeks of performances to rest and recover, Lewis Capaldi expressed regret before performing Someone You Loved on the festival’s Pyramid Stage on Saturday night.

Lewis Capaldi – Who is he?

Scotch singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi is well known. He was born in Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland, on October 7, 1996. With the release of his breakthrough song “Someone You Loved” in 2018, Capaldi attracted attention from all over the world.

Capaldi launched his musical career by posting covers on social media sites like YouTube and gaining a following. His first EP, “Bloom,” which he released in 2017, garnered favorable reviews.

The song “Someone You Loved,” however, is what made him famous. The songs “Before You Go,” “Hold Me While You Wait,” and “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi, in addition to “Someone You Loved,” are also well-known. In 2019, “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent,” his debut studio album, was released and quickly became a huge commercial success.

Capaldi is renowned for his honest and sincere songwriting, frequently finding inspiration in his own life and feelings. His music combines pop, rock, and soul elements, and his strong vocal performance has received praise.

What happened to Lewis Capaldi?

In the moments leading up to the ballad, Lewis told the audience that he was having voice problems. He kept apologizing to the audience and the Eavis family, who run the Worthy Farm festival, for his voice failing, but the crowd responded by chanting, “Oh, Lewis Capaldi.”

A powerful piano ballad with heavy vocals called Someone You Loved was the star’s attempt to close out his set after recently disclosing his struggles with anxiety and Tourette’s syndrome.

What happened to Lewis Capaldi He lost his voice on stage
What happened to Lewis Capaldi? He lost his voice on stage

However, as he struggled to sing the notes, the Glastonbury audience erupted once more and encouraged him by singing back to him. He was visibly moved as he observed.

After the program, Capaldi informed the audience that he would be taking yet another break, saying to them: “I feel like I will be taking another wee break over the next couple of weeks.”

It happens soon after the musician revealed that he would be taking some downtime before Glastonbury to rest and recover.

Following Glastonbury, Lewis Capaldi declares he requires a mental health break

Following an enthusiastically received performance at Glastonbury, Lewis Capaldi said he might not perform again for the rest of the year. This was his first performance in almost a month after taking a break for his mental health. 

The Scottish-born singer called off all of his engagements earlier this month, claiming that he was “struggling” after the release of his second studio album, Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent, which debuted at number one on the charts.

On Saturday night’s Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, before Lizzo and Guns N’ Roses took the stage, Capaldi apologized for his voice “packing in” and struggled to complete his hour-long set.

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Lewis Capaldi – FAQs

Is Lewis Capaldi still active?

With 26 upcoming performances, Lewis Capaldi is currently touring through 8 different nations.

Are Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi still friends?

Lewis Capaldi and Niall Horan are the best of friends, and their adorable yet hilarious on-stage antics frequently leave fans in stitches. On stage at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend yesterday, the two musicians, who have been friends since 2017, gave fans another wholesome experience.

Who will support Lewis Capaldi in 2023?

Lewis Capaldi has announced new outdoor summer performances as well as special appearances by Sigrid and McFly on a few dates.

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