What happened to Lena in Dear Child? Revealing the Exciting Secrets

The dramatic end of the complex universe of the German thriller series “Dear Child” reveals terrible truths and reveals identities that have been hidden for far too long.

Jasmin’s Terrifying Experience

In the first episode, Jasmin Grass (played by Kim Riedle), has a terrifying encounter in a parking garage and is kidnapped.

Her life takes a terrifying turn when she finds herself trapped in a tiny, windowless flat in the middle of a northern German woodland.

Her abductor, whose face is always hidden, makes her seem different by dying her black hair blonde and giving her the name “Lena.”

As she looks for Hannah (Naila Schuberth) and Jonathan (Sammy Schrein), two little children, Jasmin, now Lena, is condemned to a life ruled by rigid restrictions.

Five months of imprisonment later, Lena makes a heartbreaking and desperate escape. She quickly learns, however, that she cannot escape the grasp of her unrelenting tormentor because of the looming shadows of her former tormentor.

Making the Mastermind Visible

In “Dear Child,” the mysterious kidnapper’s identity ultimately comes into focus as the solution to the film’s many puzzles.

Lars Rogner, the proprietor of a nearby surveillance and security firm, is the faceless man who plans Lena’s harrowing existence, the person who denies her food while ordering her not to cry, and the person with an eerie knowledge of everyone’s whereabouts.

Christian Beermann portrays Lars Rogner to perfection.

Surprisingly, for the 13 years that CID investigator Gerd Bühling (played by Hans Löw) has steadfastly sought to uncover the truth about Lena Beck’s abduction, Lars Rogner has lived covertly in the open.

What happened to Lena in Dear Child?

Jasmin reclaims the identity of Lena. In the concluding episode, she goes back to her kidnapper, Lars Rogner. Rogner isn’t aware that Jasmin was hiding a kitchen knife, which was discovered by a security camera.

What happened to Lena in Dear Child? Revealing the Exciting Secrets
What happened to Lena in Dear Child?

Hannah, who had been stolen from her paternal grandparents, the Becks, overnight, is standing next to him. Jonathan stays at a facility for kids who have experienced psychological trauma.

Flashbacks provide a startling discovery, showing that Jasmin had used Jonathan’s beloved snow globe to knock Lars in the head, giving her precious seconds to flee.

A Curled Trail of Proof

Aida, a police officer, starts to solve the riddle.

In Episode 1, Kurt (amazingly performed by Haley Louise Jones) makes a number of gloomy findings at the scene of a hit-and-run accident. The remains of a woman who uncannily resembles Lena/Jasmin were discovered close to the accident scene and a neighbouring military post.

Aida starts a careful investigation with her coworkers, examining oversights in surveillance and interrogating personnel from the firm in charge of keeping an eye on the base and its surroundings. However, they fail to take into account one important person—Lars Rogner, the proprietor of the monitoring firm.

Aida makes a crucial trip to the corporate office in Episode 6 to find out if a contract with Lena Beck’s family ever existed. A significant result of her research is that the final contact with the Beck home was made about 13 years ago, at the same time as Lena Beck’s disappearance.

In flashbacks, the real Lena Beck (portrayed by Jeanne Goursaud) is shown to have accidentally set off the alarm when imprisoned outside her house while her parents were away.

When Lars Rogner arrives to save her, he unintentionally integrates himself into her life and even thanks her by sharing ice cream with her.

A Gloomy Story of Kidnapping and Loss

When Lena Beck was kidnapped, she was carrying Hannah, the child of her ex-boyfriend, but Jonathan is really Lars and Lena’s biological child.

Tragically, Lena gives birth to a third child while she is being held captive, but both she and Sara, the kid, pass away from childbed fever, a terrible postpartum illness. Lars, who is unwilling to seek medical attention, stands helplessly by while their lives ebb away.

Finishing and Remembering

Following this terrifying experience, Gerd, the investigator, starts to put the pieces of the complex jigsaw puzzle of Lena’s identification together. Jonathan continues in the meantime.

Hannah pursues counselling, the Becks join a support group, and Lena is buried at home while Hannah receives care in the clinic. Justus von Dohnányi plays her father, who muses, “She is with us.”

Using a specific children’s screenplay for Schuberth and Schrein in this extremely horrific story, co-directors and co-writers Isabel Kleefeld and Julian Pörksen made sure that both adult and kid performers lived in two parallel universes.

The depth of the personalities emerges, showing the victims and collateral damage in the wake of a horrifying crime—an investigation of how the tireless pursuit of the truth has irrevocably changed people’s lives.

Those who are brave enough to dive into “Dear Child’s”  compelling tale are captured, shocked, and forever changed by its devastating finale.

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