What Happened to Larry Potash Arm?

Throughout his newscast on December 8, 2022, WGN Morning News anchor Larry Potash was seen with an arm sling. Following their observation of Larry Potash’s arm in a sling throughout the newscast, Chicagoans are now wondering what happened to it.

Ever since the incident went viral, there have been more people worried about the anchor’s health. The real reason Potash is wearing a sling has been revealed. Here is what happened to his arm and more.

Who is Larry Potash?

Larry Potash started working for WGN-TV News in August 1994, and he has been the morning show’s anchor since 1995, the year it first debuted. The well-liked program, which consistently tops the ratings, celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2019.

Larry writes in-depth articles on a range of topics, including history, science, and religion. His daily segment, “Larry’s World,” explores the quirky, entertaining, and occasionally obscure details that contribute to various pop cultural phenomena as well as television news reporting in general.

Backstory with Larry Potash is a new series that debuted on WGN-TV in October 2018 and will air on occasion as specials all year long. In Potash, the origins of some of the most fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and scientific stories from Chicago and elsewhere are examined.

What happened during WGN’s Larry Potash morning show?

Larry Potash was seen wearing an arm sling in the episode of December 8, 2022, of WGN Morning News. At one point, co-anchor Robin Baumgarten noted that Potash was also missing a tie in addition to his sling, demonstrating how WGN continued to draw attention to Potash’s arm throughout the morning show.

What Happened to Larry Potash Arm
What Happened to Larry Potash Arm?

Later on in the program, the past incidents of Potash’s employment at the station where he “came to work injured” were also revisited.

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Viewers this week immediately noticed something different about Potash as he appeared on screen during Thursday’s broadcast with a sling on his arm. Potash had become a fixture on screen during his nearly 30-year run. This got his fans worried.

On Twitter, WGN viewers expressed concern for the anchor’s arm.

As numerous WGN viewers took to Twitter after noticing the anchor with an arm sling, concern for the arm of the anchor has taken over social media.

While many expressed worry about Potash’s arm, others questioned what he may have done to it. Few asked about his injury and the situation, while some wished him a speedy recovery. 

What Happened to Larry Potash’s Arm: the ‘Back Story’ to Larry’s Injury

The anchor has since disclosed the cause of his sling and explained how it came about during the Courtesy Desk segment of the local Chicago station’s broadcast on Thursday. Paul Konrad of WGN Counter questioned Larry about the circumstances surrounding how his shoulder became injured. 

“Yet another basketball injury,” Larry explained, explaining why his shoulder was in a sling. When he lifted his suit jacket sleeve to reveal how he had torn a muscle in his bicep, he jokingly said, “I did not mean to tease Paul.” The veteran WGN anchor explained that he had a sling on his right arm as a result of tearing a bicep muscle while playing basketball. As he was “tying the ball up,” Potash continued, another player’s elbow accidentally brushed against his bicep.

This caused him to sustain an arm injury. Larry jokingly said he did not even care at that point when Paul questioned whether his team had won the game at all. 

Potash gave a vague indication that he would be wearing the support garment for “a long time” as he thought about how long he planned to wear a sling on his arm.

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Lary Potash – FAQs

What happened to Larry Potash?

Larry Potash, while playing defense in a pick-up basketball game, had an opposing player’s elbow strike hard against his bicep, tearing the muscle.

How long has Larry Potash been on Channel 9?

In August 1994, Larry Potash began working for WGN-TV News. A year later, in 1995, he began anchoring the WGN Morning News.

What channel is Backstory with Larry Potash on?


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