What happened to Landon on Southern Charm? Candid Revelation about leaving Southern Charm

Landon Clements, known for her time on the reality TV show Southern Charm, has gracefully transitioned from her days as a Charleston socialite.

Introduced in season 2 and departing after season 4, Landon navigated friendships and conflicts among her castmates.

A pivotal incident at Thomas Ravenel’s election party marked the turning point in their friendship, and subsequent events only deepened the divide.

Landon Clements’ sudden departure led fans to speculate about what happened to her. To date, many people don’t know the answer to it.

However, we’ve got you covered. As you get into the article, you will find answers to your questions regarding your favorite Landon from Southern Charm.

Fractured Friendships and Accusations

Kathryn Dennis accused Landon of having an affair with Thomas Ravenel while Kathryn was pregnant with her second child.

Landon and Thomas vehemently denied the allegations, but Kathryn remained unconvinced.

Over time, however, Thomas’s advances towards Landon in her final season on the show seemed to validate Kathryn’s suspicions.

What happened to Landon on Southern Charm?

Landon Clement left Southern Charm after Kathryn Dennis accused her of having an affair with Thomas Ravenel.

Landon Clements asserts that Kathryn Dennis held a firm grip on the show’s dynamics, steering events according to her desires.

Landon recalls instances where Kathryn allegedly manipulated circumstances, resulting in significant outcomes.

What happened to Landon on Southern Charm
What happened to Landon on Southern Charm?

Notably, the departure of fellow cast member Cameran Eubanks was triggered by rumors propagated by Kathryn regarding Cameran’s husband’s fidelity.

Where is Landon Clement on Southern Charm now?

Landon Clements from Southern Charm is in Malibu now. Following her exit from Southern Charm, Landon Clements made a strategic move to Malibu, California.

Her relocation was fueled by a professional ambition to venture into residential real estate, building upon her previous experience while living in Los Angeles alongside her ex-husband.

Rekindling a Passion

In an interview with People, Landon spoke enthusiastically about her affection for real estate and hospitality, two industries she longed to reenter.

Her dedication to these fields was evident, as she recognized the need to put in the hard work required to reach the next level of success.

A Renewed Pursuit, CLIMB Real Estate

Landon’s obligation to her work was proven by her reestablishment of real estate licensing.

She eagerly accepted the positions at CLIMB Real Estate, embracing the difficulties and valuable open doors that her new role in Malibu introduced.

California Dreams and Resilience

Today, Landon Clements ends up immersed in the Californian way of life. Her choice to leave Southern Charm has demonstrated vitality, permitting her to channel her energy into a work she is enthusiastic about.

With her restored permit and affiliation with CLIMB Real Estate, Landon is creating another account of progress in the realm of real estate.

Landon Clements’ departure from Southern Charm was not exclusively an end but rather an essential turn towards her desires.

As a result, she has proven her flexibility, uncovering the unpredictable elements that played a part in her exit while strongly chasing after her desires in the consistently powerful realm of real estate in California.

Ventures Beyond Borders

Landon’s Instagram offers glimpses into her lively post-Southern Charm life. Her journey has taken her to stunning locations all over the world, including lavish hotels in Utah and Mexico.

Her movements have turned into a wellspring of enhancement, permitting her to relish the excellence of different cultures and scenes.

Maintaining Ties

Notwithstanding the actual separation from Charleston, Landon remains associated with her underlying roots. She frequently shares pictures on Instagram of her visits to Charleston, especially with her dear friend Shep Rose.

A new photograph shows her alongside Shep, his sweetheart Taylor Ann, and Southern Charm rookie John Pringle.

Personal and Professional Fulfillment

Leaving the universe of unscripted television has proven to be an impetus for Landon’s personal and professional turn of events.

Flourishing in her job as an estate advisor, she has found freshly discovered certainty and reason.

Her choice to step back from the show has rejuvenated her career and given her the time and opportunity to set out on thrilling undertakings with friends and family.

Landon’s Post-Show Path 

Since leaving Southern Charm in 2017, Landon Clements has set out on a groundbreaking journey that has driven her a long way from the reality television spotlight.

At 39 years of age, Landon shared her choice to pass on the show and return to California. She uncovered her plans to seek a career in real estate, a field in which she had a profoundly enthusiastic outlook.

After joining CLIMB Real Estate, she enthusiastically embraced this new chapter of her life, focusing on professional development.

Landon Clements’ journey past Southern Charm shows the force of progress and self-revelation.

Continuing on from her socialite days, she has created a satisfying career in real estate and embraced a life of travel and development.

Her departure from the show has permitted her to prosper personally and professionally, demonstrating that occasionally getting out of the spotlight can prompt the most amazing changes.

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