What happened to Hamish Harding?

One of the five people who vanished from a tourist submersible visiting the Titanic shipwreck is reportedly British millionaire Hamish Harding, known for his global exploration adventures.

Who is Hamish Harding?

With a resume that includes a record-breaking Earth circumnavigation, an Antarctic expedition with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and a seat on the fifth human flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket last year, Harding, 58, is well known for his lofty travel aspirations.

The Indian government and Harding collaborated on a project to reintroduce eight wild cheetahs from Namibia to India under the aegis of the Explorers Club. Harding also worked on a project to launch a regular business jet service to the Antarctic while working with a company called White Desert.

Hamish is married to Linda and has two sons, Rorry and Giles, as well as a stepdaughter named Lauren.

What happened to Hamish Harding?

Harding’s stepson confirmed that his father had vanished soon after the sub was said to have disappeared.

On Facebook, Hamish Harding’s stepson, Brian Szasz, wrote, “Thoughts and prayers for my stepfather, Hamish Harding, as his submarine has gone missing while exploring the Titanic.”

As part of a $250,000 tourist excursion to see the storied White Star ocean liner’s tragic wreck off the coast of Canada, Harding, the chairman of Dubai-based Action Aviation, boarded the OceanGate Expeditions submarine on Sunday morning. 

Harding’s last Instagram post 

We began steaming from St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, yesterday, and we aim to begin diving operations tomorrow morning at around 4 a.m. We have a lot of preparations and briefings to complete before then,” Harding wrote in an Instagram post before leaving.

He claimed that a “window” had appeared that would let the group dive.

In June 2023, Hamish Harding and four other people set out on an expedition to look into the submerged wreckage of the RMS Titanic, according to extensive reports from the BBC and other media outlets. They were probably paying customers on the Titan submersible, which was operated by Ocean Gate Inc.

What happened to Hamish Harding
What happened to Hamish Harding?

They plunged into the North Atlantic more than 12,000 feet (3,700 meters) below the surface during the dive. The dive had been going for about an hour and 45 minutes when the submersible disappeared. It is estimated that the submersible had 96 hours’ worth of air reserves.

When did Hamish Harding go missing? 

On June 19, 2023, a submarine traveling to the RMS Titanic wreck in the North Atlantic Ocean went missing, taking five people with it, including Harding.

Harding ecstatically posted on social media about having visited there the day before.

The Titanic Expedition: 

Mr. Harding, the chairman of the aviation sales and operations firm Action Aviation, claimed on Twitter on Sunday that the billionaire had taken part in the Titanic expedition.

Following reports of a missing submarine off the coast of North America, the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FDCO) stated: “We are in contact with the family of a British man.”

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OceanGate claims that the Titan submersible has 96 hours of “life support” and can dive 13,120 feet “with a comfortable safety margin.” To reach the wreck, you must descend 12,500 feet in about two hours.

The ship communicates with those on land by pinging back a message every 15 minutes to let them know it is secure.

For transportation to the liner’s wreckage, tourists have occasionally paid tens of thousands of dollars. OceanGate Expeditions charges $250,000 (£195,270) per person for a place on its eight-day expedition.

Search mission: 

The difficulties of the search operation were described by a marine operations specialist, who also mentioned the need for “very specialized underwater vehicles” to reach the wreck’s location at depth.

The depth of water surrounding the Titanic site is their biggest issue, according to Mike Welham of Sky News.

It is approximately 3,800 meters deep, and getting there requires very specialized underwater vehicles that are not all that common. To search for and recover this vehicle, they face a serious challenge.

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