What happened to Corpse Husband? Will he return to streaming?

Corpse Husband is a name that has gained recognizable recognition in the world of streaming and content creation. He is renowned for his distinctively deep voice, death metal music, and paradoxically positive demeanor, all of which have had a profound impact on the online community.

Corpse Husband is one of many well-known YouTube stars who maintains an anonymous online persona.

Corpse Husband: Who is he?

Fans have never seen the face of Corpse Husband, a well-known figure in the music, YouTube, and Twitch scenes who is shrouded in mystery.

Only a select few, including Valkyrie, have had the pleasure of speaking with him in person. When he first began streaming on Twitch, he was very well-liked; however, he stopped in November 2021.

Although Corpse Husband, a YouTuber, musician, and streamer, is easily recognized when his deep voice is heard, he has not recently hosted his stream. Corpse Husband has explained why he stopped streaming six months ago and why he has not returned.

He started reading true crime stories and scary tales on YouTube in 2015. Users were hooked by his deep, recognizable voice, and the anonymity of his videos added to their appeal.

Why did Corpse Husband stop streaming?

The pressure Corpse Husband felt while entertaining thousands of viewers on stream, which is not surprising given the enormous number of followers he attracted after his first stream on the platform, is the reason for his lack of streaming, according to Corpse Husband.

He admitted that he would shake uncontrollably throughout each stream, to the point where he finally remarked, “…Yeah, I do not really think I enjoy doing this.” In fact, Corpse kept tuning in to his friends’ streams and discovered that he preferred that to running his own.

What happened to Corpse Husband Will he return to streaming
What happened to Corpse Husband?

Getting a lot of subscribers right away as a YouTuber or streamer can put a lot of pressure on anyone, whether they are ready for it or not. Corpse Husband has disclosed his chronic illness, which may or may not be a factor in his difficulties while streaming.

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Regardless, it is clear that he feels more at ease when a friend is hosting because he can drop in and out as he pleases or needs to.  

Will Corpse Husband ever return to streaming?

Given his recent popularity and media attention, it is encouraging to see a public figure like Corpse’s Husband prioritize his own physical and mental well-being, which is crucial. His admirers must be happy to hear that he is doing well because they have been worried about him.

While some people understandably wonder if Corpse Husband will ever return to streaming, he can undoubtedly excel in his other area of work and, of course, engage with fans in other ways as well.

Corpse Husband has never shown his face

One of the most well-known content producers is Corpse Husband, despite the fact that he has never shown his face. “With how the internet is,” he began, referring to his clamoring fans, “it will probably, like, inevitably happen against my will,” the anonymous YouTuber said to open his response to the query.

Several Corpse fans have threatened to commit suicide if the streamer does not eventually reveal the character’s face, while another tweeted that they had a dream.

Because he claimed to be glowing with love, Corpse revealed his face after falling in love with me. But Corpse is frightened of precisely these kinds of expectations.

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Corpse Husband – FAQs

What happened to Corpse Husband now?

The musical career of Corpse Husband is currently being pursued. In 2020, he made his solo debut with the song Miss You!, and in 2021, he dropped his most recent single.

Does Corpse Husband have a face?

The identity of Corpse has allegedly been made public on numerous occasions in the past, but in September 2021, several posts purporting to show Corpse’s identity surfaced. There is still no concrete evidence that the author of these posts is Corpse Husband himself, despite the fact that they have received a fair amount of attention.

Is Corpse Husband missing an eye?

He continues by saying that he covers his face and wears an eye patch “24/7” and that he often compares himself to the anime character Ken Kaneki from the Tokyo Ghoul series. Although Corpse has previously spoken about his struggles with chronic illnesses, he does not elaborate on the specific cause of his eye’s condition.

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