What happened to Cheyenne from Teen Mom? She was shot 13 times while in the car

A terrifying incident. Cheyenne Floyd, the star of “Teen Mom” and her husband Zack Davis revealed that they were shot 13 times while going somewhere by car with their kids. 

Cheyenne and Zach on the Shooting incident

“It was another ordinary day on the drive when Chy asked, “What is that?” A green beam on my face,” Zach recounted the incident at the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter season premiere, released on 6th September, Tuesday, before adding that someone was pointing a pistol at him. It was a person whom we both knew. He had visited Chy here at her home. There are photos of us and him together.

“Suddenly, we started hearing shots,” he added. We collided with the rear of a Prius after he struck the vehicle 13 times. The worst sensation imaginable was felt at that time.

Miracle: The whole family was safe

Cheyenne called it a “miracle” that no one was hurt despite the gunshots hitting the car. She added in the program that God truly shielded them that day because every officer who was there said they were unable to comprehend how the whole family was alive. 

She was so shocked that she had to pinch herself to confirm that she was still conscious of her existence. In the episode, the gunman was not identified, and the pair did not exchange any opinions regarding the intention behind the attack.

The family went into Trauma after the incident

The MTV star Cheyenne Floyd spoke up about the ongoing anguish of the incident after the shooter failed to appear before a courthouse in Los Angeles County. 

Cheyenne said to her mother and sister in the episode that the shooter did not kill her family but he took so much from them, before expressing concern for her 5 years old son Ryder, son of Cheyenne and her ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton, and 16 months old Ace. They’re simply infants, she explained. 

Cheyenne was obliged to her supporters

Later on, Cheyenne heartedly expressed her gratitude for Zach’s and her family’s supporters and well-wishers throughout their challenging period.

What happened to Cheyenne from Teen Mom?
What happened to Cheyenne from Teen Mom?

She tweeted after some days that the family had suffered from the hardest time of the year, but they were all alive and extremely blessed. She further added that she and her family were grateful to their friends and supporters who were with them throughout their suffering. 

Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis

Cheyenne and Zach fell in love with each other and started in 2018. The couple thought of bringing their relationship to a beautiful turning point and they got engaged in April 2021. Cheyenne gave birth to their son just after a month of their engagement. 

The pair said that they had already started talking about getting married, but they wanted to wait until everything was secure to celebrate with their entire family.

In an interview in January 2021, Cheyenne confessed that she and Zach had a marriage conversation. Both of them were excited about getting married the same year, but COVID did not permit them to do so. 

Both Cheyenne and Zach belong to a large family and the family member plays an important role in their lives. They made an effort to come up with some kind of plan, but it was clear that neither their expectations nor the presence of our families could be met. So, they decided to wait till things settled down. 

The couple officially got married on September 29, 2022. 

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Cheyenne Floyd – FAQs

What happened to Cheyenne Floyd?

Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis confessed that they were shot 13 times while going somewhere by car along with their kids. 

Are Cheyenne and Zach married?

Yes, the couple officially tied the knot on 29th September 2022 after dating for around 4 years.

Who is Cheyenne Floyd?

Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd is a star of “Teen Mom OG.” Cheyenne joined Teen Mom when it was running its seventh season.

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