What happened to Armie Hammer? What was he accused of?

The disgraced actor is in the news once more after it was said that his wealthy family no longer provided financial assistance for him.

He also reportedly changed career paths and accepted a position in marketing timeshares at a Cayman Islands resort.

We’ve put together a timeline of the accusations against Call Me By Your Name actor Hammer, his alleged victim’s statements, and his whereabouts leading up to an alleged $67,000 unpaid balance to AmEx and his first interview in two years, in which he admits to being emotionally abusive and shares new information about being “massively” broke.

Divorce From Elizabeth Chambers

In addition to that strange video of his son nibbling on his toes, Armie Hammer has been acting for more than ten years.

He is known for his roles as a rich asshole in Gossip Girl, millionaire twins in The Social Network, and a gentle tan American man in the Oscar-nominated Call Me By Your Name.

Then, on July 10, he and his wife of ten years, Elizabeth Chambers, made the same Instagram statements announcing their divorce.

According to court records obtained by the Blast, Hammer reportedly moved back to Los Angeles after the pair announced their separation from their quarantine in the Cayman Islands.

What happened to Armie Hammer?

Armie Hammer was accused of sexual assault and cannibalism. An unnamed lady comes forward on Instagram and says she had a four-year relationship with Hammer.

She claims that throughout that time, he sent her violent and graphic messages about cannibalism, thoughts of rape, and his desire to consume her blood.

What happened to Armie Hammer
What happened to Armie Hammer?

She posts a selection of texts and screenshots that she purportedly exchanged with Hammer, as well as correspondence from his other ex-wives.

Charges on Armie Hammer?

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said that after a police investigation into a sexual assault claim against him, actor Armie Hammer will not be prosecuted.

Where is he now?

There were even rumours that he started selling timeshares while in the Cayman Islands because he had financial difficulties, although this has since been disproven.

According to Page Six, Hammer reportedly returned to the United States in August 2022 after being sighted by a pool in Southern California.

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