What Happened to Andrew from WHAM? Where is he now?

Following the arrival on Netflix of the documentary on the legendary partnership, of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, on July 5, everyone is talking about the popular 1980s band Wham! at the moment.

Where is Andrew now, while George, unfortunately, passed away on Christmas Day 2016? Learn more here.

Andrew Ridgeley: Who is he?

Andrew John Ridgeley, an English singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer, was born on January 26, 1963. He is best known for his work with the musical group Wham! in the 1980s.

What was Andrew Ridgeley’s next move after the Wham! split?

Andrew Ridgeley moved to Monaco shortly after Wham! split up to try his hand at racing before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue acting. In 1990, Ridgeley finally returned to England and issued Son of Albert, his lone and only solo album.

The album failed to chart and garnered mixed reviews; Ridgeley received particularly scathing criticism from the tabloids. He admitted that once Wham! broke up, he “had no real idea” what to do in a recent interview with The Big Issue.

Ridgeley and Michael briefly met on stage in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracan Stadium in January 1991 for the encore of his Rock in Rio performance. Additionally, despite Michael and Ridgeley planning several reunion concerts throughout the 2000s, the concerts were never held.

Since then, Ridgeley has written a book titled Wham! George & Me and appeared in the romantic comedy Last Christmas, which was based on the band’s number-one Christmas single, the same year.

George Michael’s ambition: What led to Wham’s breakup?

George Michael’s ambition to pursue a solo career and make songs that would appeal to a more mature audience led Wham! to decide to dissolve.

George Michael felt the urge to change his artistic course after experiencing tremendous success as a pop duo and selling millions of records globally. He desired to develop his musical aesthetic and become a recognized solo musician.

What Happened to Andrew from WHAM
What Happened to Andrew from WHAM? / Credit: Getty Images

According to reports, the decision to separate up was mutual, with George Michael calling it “the most amicable split in pop history.”

Where is Andrew now?

After 30 years, Andrew Ridgeley currently resides in Wadebridge, Cornwall. He originally settled in the region in 1994, relocating to a farmhouse with his ex-girlfriend Keren Woodward and Woodward’s son Thomas, who was 10 at the time.

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According to claims by CornwallLive, Ridgeley has become involved in the neighborhood and apparently enjoys playing golf at the Trevose course, close to Padstow, and has also been seen surfing off the coast of Constantine Bay.

Andrew Ridgeley Current Endeavors

Andrew Ridgeley, a skilled biker who has raised a lot of money for charities through his bike rides, is enjoying the tranquil life in Cornwall. He recently disclosed that he is getting ready to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End to raise money for the suicide prevention organization Papyrus in a BBC interview.

2018 saw Ridgeley discuss the Dallaglio Cycle Slam charity event over the French and Swiss Alps on Good Morning Britain. The 1,100-mile, 18-day bicycle race brought in $1.4 million for charity.

Except for sporadic appearances on TV and radio, Ridgeley largely shunned the attention he had grown accustomed to from the early 1990s on.

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Andrew from WHAM – FAQs

George and Andrew, were they pals?

Although their tenure as a popular 1980s pair was relatively brief by music business standards, Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael’s friendship lasted for practically a lifetime.

Who is Andrew Ridgeley currently dating?

Since then, Andrew has been dating influencer Amanda Cronin; the two even attended Wimbledon together in 2022.

What is Andrew’s Net Worth?

$40 million.

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