What happened to Amy on The Dead Files? Exploring Reasons, Legacy, and the Future

The two experts on the Dead Files team—physical medium Amy Allan and homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi—apply their respective specialties to every case.

They are a paranormal team unlike any other, combining their distinctive, eclectic, and frequently at-odds skills to explain unexplained paranormal occurrences in haunted places across America.

Let us explore what is going on with Amy in September 2023.

Who is Amy Allan?

Amy in this series communicates with the dead by frequently assuming their roles and reliving their deaths, whereas Steve uses his years of detective experience to look for concrete evidence.

The similarities between the findings of the two researchers are dramatically revealed when they meet to discuss their findings.

Amy first became interested in paranormal phenomena when she was four years old and claims that “shadow people” tormented her in her Arvada, Colorado, home. She has since embarked on a quest to solve the mysteries surrounding the unexplained.

Renowned parapsychologists have investigated and tested Amy’s abilities. More than 350 investigations in both private residences and commercial buildings have been done by her while working with both police departments and private investigators.

Amy received guidance from renowned parapsychologist William Roll while she was a student at the University of Arizona studying psychology.

What happened to Amy on The Dead Files?

Amy Allan announced her departure from “The Dead Files” in June 2023, capping an impressive 14-season run.

What happened to Amy on The Dead Files? Exploring Reasons, Legacy, and the Future
What happened to Amy on The Dead Files?

Many devoted followers were caught off guard. She had dedicated her life to being a full-time medium for more than two decades, working with former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi to explore haunted locations using her special gifts.

Their partnership was essential to the success of the show because of their on-screen chemistry and synergy, which set a high bar for supernatural television.

Possible Reasons for Departure

Amy Allan’s departure from “The Dead Files” has led to various speculations within the paranormal community. Several factors could have contributed to her decision.

Exploring New Avenues: After dedicating over 20 years to her work as a medium, Amy might be eager to explore different avenues or take on new challenges outside the realm of paranormal investigations.

Diverging from the Show’s Trajectory: Some critics have labeled “The Dead Files” as “sensationalized,” and it’s possible that Amy may no longer have been in sync with the show’s direction or its approach to paranormal phenomena.

Need for Rejuvenation: Dealing with paranormal energies can be emotionally and mentally demanding. Amy’s departure may be a result of her need to take a break and rejuvenate after years of intense work.

What’s Next for “The Dead Files”?

Fans of the show are eager to see how the dynamics of the next season will play out despite Amy’s departure. The good news is that “The Dead Files” is still going strong.

What happened to Amy on The Dead Files? Exploring Reasons, Legacy, and the Future
Amy on The Dead Files

The show is gearing up for its 15th season, introducing a fresh face: medium Cindy Kaza. Cindy will join Steve DiSchiavi in the next chapter of thrilling investigations.

While Amy’s contributions to the show were undeniably profound, Cindy Kaza, with her extensive experience, promises to bring her unique touch and keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Embracing Change

While it is natural for television shows to change over time, this also presents an opportunity for viewers to accept change. It is understandable to miss seeing familiar faces.

Cindy Kaza brings her own distinctive skills and viewpoint to “The Dead Files,” which might give the program new life and ensure that it stays a fan favorite among those interested in the paranormal.

Reflecting on “The Dead Files” Journey

“The Dead Files” has provided viewers with an emotional roller coaster over the course of its 14 seasons, delivering chilling moments and startling revelations.

Because she was a significant component of that journey, show fans who have followed it from the beginning will always appreciate the contributions Amy Allan made.

The question of whether Amy Allan left “The Dead Files” has been answered, but the legacy she leaves behind and the exciting future of the show with Cindy Kaza remain topics of fervent discussion among paranormal enthusiasts.

As the show continues its exploration of haunted locations, it’s a reminder that change, while often met with resistance, can also breathe new life into beloved series, ensuring their longevity in the ever-evolving world of television.

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