What happened to Al on Chicago PD? A Beloved Character Meets a Tragic End

Characters come and go in the exciting world of Chicago P.D., where crime meets justice, but some leave an unforgettable mark that resonates with viewers.

One such character who captivated our hearts during his stint on the show was Alvin Olinsky, masterfully portrayed by Elias Koteas.

Fans were both heartbroken and awestruck when the series took a dramatic turn with his demise. This article takes us on a tour through Alvin Olinsky’s life, examining the twists and turns that eventually led to his dramatic exit.

Join us as we try to solve the mystery of what happened to Alvin Olinsky on Chicago P.D.

Alvin Olinsky: A Well-Known Figure

From the show’s debut until Season 5, Alvin Olinsky, played by Elias Koteas, was a beloved member of the Intelligence Unit. He was a popular figure due to his close friendship with Hank Voight.

Olinsky and Voight were both known for breaking the rules to attain their goals, which forged a strong bond between them. But, as the cliché goes, even the closest of friendships can end in tragedy.

What happened to Al on Chicago PD?

Alvin Olinsky was murdered in Chicago P.D. Towards the close of Season 5, a series of events occurred that would forever alter Alvin Olinsky’s life.

His DNA was detected on the body of Bingham, the man who murdered Hank Voight’s kid, Justin. Despite the fact that Olinsky had nothing to do with the crime, he opted to remain faithful to Voight.

He chose not to divulge the truth about Voight’s role in Bingham’s killing, a decision that would have disastrous implications.

What Happened To Alvin Olinsky on Chicago PD
Alvin Olinsky

In an unexpected turn of events, Olinsky found himself behind bars. Bingham’s murderer is behind prison.

Hank Voight, on the other hand, was the perpetrator. Olinsky was severely attacked by a fellow inmate while in prison and died as a result of his injuries.

The heartbreaking turn of events occurred during the Season 5 finale, appropriately named “Homecoming,” when Olinsky died on the operating table.

Voight’s Influence and the Creative Process

From a creative sense, Alvin Olinsky’s fate was a natural progression from the existing drama involving Voight and Woods.

“The writers and I kept coming back to this idea that Voight’s decision to kill Bingham should cost him something,” showrunner Rick Eid said of the creative decision. This price was borne by Olinsky.

While the decision had creative merit, it was clearly difficult from a financial standpoint. Elias Koteas, the actor who played Alvin Olinsky, had been a vital component of the production since its inception and played an important role.

Despite the challenges, Koteas took the news professionally and remained committed to the play and his character until the conclusion.

A Heartfelt Farewell to Alvin Olinsky

Alvin Olinsky will always be a treasured character in the hearts of Chicago P.D. fans. While his terrible demise shocked viewers, his impact on the show and the legacy he leaves behind will be remembered forever. Alvin Olinsky’s tragedy serves as a sobering reminder of life’s uncertainty.

Alvin Olinsky’s time in Chicago P.D. was distinguished by unwavering commitment, intricate connections, and an unexpected twist that pricked our emotions.

His terrible death, albeit a heartbreaking departure, added to the show’s complex narrative tapestry.

While Alvin Olinsky no longer appears on our televisions, his legacy lives on in the hearts of his devoted followers.

As Chicago P.D. evolves, we can only look forward to fresh personalities and interesting tales. Alvin Olinsky is an indelible thread in the grand fabric of crime dramas, a tribute to the show’s ongoing significance.

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