What Happened to 6ix9ine 2023?

6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi69, has one of the most iconic looks in the music industry because of his rainbow-colored hair and the third most famous face tattoos, after Lil Wayne and Mike Tyson.

The contentious and sometimes problematic “scream rap” musician has also developed into one of the industry’s most reliable newsmakers.

After a picture of the rapper,  with his alleged boyfriend went viral on social media, fans of the rapper are wondering if he has finally come out of the closet. Tekashi69 can be seen kissing a man on the cheek as they stand next to each other in the photo.

So who exactly is 6ix9nine, and why does his stage name look like your password for online banking? let’s get into it 

Who is Tekashi69 aka 6ix9ine? 

His real name is Daniel Hernandez, and he was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in 1986 to a Puerto Rican mother and a Mexican father.

As a kid, he was a great baseball player who caught the attention of major league analysts.

In 2012, Hernandez began rapping, and in 2014, he released music.  his first single? The raunchy trap track “69,” was as expected. Bill and Ted’s #1 number would before long turn out to be important for his authority stage name in light of indeed, the sexual position, yet additionally, its reflected yin-yang image. Hernandez used the name “Tekashi” to refer to the famous character from Katsuhiro Otomo’s beloved 1988 anime, Akira.

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His career took off in 2017 with the release of his first commercial single, “Gummo,” a diss track about former associates Trippie Redd and SosMula. 

Following “Gummo,” 6ix9ine dropped “Kooda” and “Keke,” both of which featured Fetty Wap and A Boogie with da Hoodie. All of these songs would appear on his popular mixtape Day69, which was released in February 2018.

With the single “Fefe,” which was produced by Murda Beatz and featured the hot Nicki Minaj overproduction, the rapper followed this up five months later. The song peaked at number three on the Hot 100 and eventually surpassed the one billion views mark on YouTube.

6ix9ine has only put out one full-length album since 2020’s TattleTales, primarily because of legal problems (see below). The album included the singles “Gooba,” “Yaya,” “Punani,” and “Trollz,” which once again featured Minaj and became a No. 1 hit.

What Happened to 6ix9ine 2023? — 6ix9ine Hospitalized

The infamous rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is said to have been taken to the hospital on March 21, 2023, following an alleged attack inside a South Florida gym.

What Happened to 6ix9ine 2023
What Happened to 6ix9ine 2023

Tekashi reportedly came under attack from three or four men while using the sauna at the gym. The rapper’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, claimed that the incident left Tekashi with bruises and cuts to his face.

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The attackers escaped before the police arrived after being overheard by gym staff. The ambulance took Tekashi to the hospital. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine was attacked

At a LA Fitness facility in South Florida, a group of men attacked controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine with great force, leaving him with serious wounds that required hospitalization.

According to 6ix9ine’s lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, the attack occurred unexpectedly while he was inside the sauna, and despite his best efforts to defend himself, he was severely beaten and outnumbered. An alert was given by the gym staff to a manager, who then dialed 911 and the police.

Injuries to his face, jaw, ribs, and back were treated at the hospital after 6ix9ine was transported there by ambulance. To make sure that 6ix9ine receives sufficient protection, Lazzaro intends to involve federal authorities. Whether the attack had anything to do with 6ix9ine’s prior assistance to law enforcement is unknown at this time.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine – FAQs

How much is 6ix9ine worth in 2023?

Due to his popularity on social media, streaming income, and sales of music, 6IX9INE is predicted to have a net worth of $500,000 in 2023. However, his ability to earn money from live performances and endorsement deals has been significantly constrained by his legal troubles and controversies.

Has 6ix9ine gone broke?

In March, Tekashi69 admitted to being impoverished to a New York judge. His accountant provided receipts as evidence, claiming that his net worth is “less than zero” and that he owes his record label money.

What happened to 6ix9ine at the gym?

In a sauna at a LA Fitness south of West Palm Beach on March 21, the 26-year-old rapper was approached by a group of individuals who “beat him up,” according to his attorney. “He had cuts to his face and bruises,” the lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, said in a statement.

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