The Beatles used artificial intelligence to record John Lennon’s voice for their “final song”

The Beatles are preparing to possibly shock the music business by releasing their “final song” with late member John Lennon using AI, nearly two months after AI produced a viral hit song with (fake) Drake and The Weeknd that did the same.

“Final Song”

Paul McCartney, a member of the Beatles, revealed to the BBC on Tuesday that he had utilized artificial intelligence to “extricate” John Lennon’s voice from an old demo to finish the song. The song is anticipated to be “Now And Then,” a song written by Lennon in 1978.

According to the BBC, Lennon recorded the song on a cassette he produced labeled “For Paul” using a boombox in his New York City residence. The song was one of many on the tape. John Lennon passed away in 1980.

The Beatles did intend to produce Lord of the Rings films. A cinematic, dazzlingly bonkers experience was had at Danny Elfman’s Coachella performance.

McCartney did not say which music would be released this year, only that it would.

After working with director Peter Jackson on 2021 Get Back documentary, which chronicles the development of the Beatles’ record Let It Be, the band had the idea for the final Beatles song. According to McCartney, to obtain “clean” audio, Jackson’s team trained computers to isolate the members’ voices from ambient noises and their instruments.

Regarding Lennon, McCartney claimed that Jackson had been able to “extricate John’s voice from a ropey little bit of cassette.” That was crucial.

They inform the device, “That voice is.” A guitar, that is. Take the guitar away. Therefore, when it came time to create what would be the final Beatles record, John had a demo, and we were able to use this AI to extract John’s voice in its purest form, McCartney told the BBC. “After that, we can mix the album as usual.” Therefore, it allows you some flexibility.

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Even while he finds AI to be amazing, McCartney admitted that he is still wary of how it might be applied, pointing out that some users of the technology use it to mimic John Lennon singing their songs. McCartney claimed that was simply AI

Even though he finds AI to be amazing, McCartney expressed his continued concern over how it might be applied, noting that some people have already utilized the technology to mimic John Lennon’s singing style. McCartney remarked, “That’s just AI.” However, this last song is actually by John Lennon.

Who is John Lennon?

John Winston Ono Lennon, better known by his stage name John Winston Lennon, was an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and peace campaigner. He was also the founding member, co-composer, co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles, which brought him international renown.

The Beatles used artificial intelligence to record John Lennon's voice for their final song
The Beatles used artificial intelligence to record John Lennon’s voice for their “final song”

He died on December 8, 1980. Lennon was renowned for creating significant music, but he also had a lasting impression on people’s thoughts by speaking out on several political topics during his lifetime.

He expressed his opinions through both his songs and his actions. For starters, he made it clear that he opposed the Vietnam War by performing anti-war songs and conducting media interviews.

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