Supermodel Bella Hadid Opens Up: What Happened to Bella Hadid?

Supermodel Bella Hadid has been candid about her ongoing battle with Lyme disease over the past few years. Having contracted the disease at 16 years old, she keeps on confronting difficulties connected with this tick-borne disease.

Lyme disease is brought about by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted through the nibbling of contaminated black-legged ticks.

Albeit most cases can be treated with antibiotics, a few patients might encounter side effects even after treatment, known as Post-Treatment Lyme Infection Disorder (PTLDS). Bella Hadid’s recent flare-up focused on the effect of the Lyme infection on her life and her journey to recovery.

Hadid’s Initial Encounter with Lyme Disease

Bella Hadid first contracted Lyme disease in 2012, when she was just 16 years old. The illness is brought about by tick chomps and can bring about different side effects, including pain, fatigue, and trouble thinking.

Even though anti-toxins can typically fix the infection, a few people might encounter side effects even after treatment, similar to Hadid.

The Challenge of Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome: 

As per the US CDC, most instances of Lyme illness can be treated with a course of oral anti-toxins. Be that as it may, a subset of patients might encounter progressing side effects, alluded to as post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome.

What Happened to Bella Hadid
What Happened to Bella Hadid?

Hadid has shared on social media platforms that she keeps encountering eruptions of Lyme infection, showing the determination of her side effects.

What happened to Bella Hadid?

In a recent video posted on TikTok, Bella Hadid revealed that a tooth infection triggered a flare-up of her Lyme disease. The flare-up occurred almost a year after she underwent a root canal procedure for the problematic tooth. During the eruption, her face seemed enlarged, with irritation around her eyes.

Advocating for Health Awareness:

Through her social media presence, Bella Hadid has been utilizing her foundation to bring issues about Lyme illness to light and urge her devotees to focus on their wellbeing.


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She encouraged her crowd to pay attention to their bodies and focus on any indications of potential medical problems. Her support serves as a sign of the significance of early recognition and brief treatment for tick-borne diseases.

The Emotional Toll of Lyme Disease:

Hadid likewise imparted her close-to-home battles to the sickness, conceding that long periods of fighting Lyme infection have negatively affected her physical and mental prosperity.

Eruptions can prompt different side effects, remembering changes in skin tone, breakouts, dormancy, nervousness, and wretchedness. The model admitted that she in some cases feels awkward searching in the mirror or taking pictures because of the apparent impacts of her condition.

Finding Strength and Gratitude:

Notwithstanding the difficulties she has confronted, Bella Hadid stays strong and appreciative of the help she has gotten through her excursion. She recognizes that everything occurs for an explanation and communicates her bliss at her present status of prosperity.

In an Instagram post, Hadid referenced feeling more grounded than at any time in recent memory inwardly, actually, and intellectually. She said thanks to the people who have remained close by and put stock in her.

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What is Bella Hadid’s condition?

The model Bella Hadid has suffered from Lyme disease for years, and she has been very open about how it affects her. When her Lyme disease flared up in March, Hadid posted on TikTok that it was due to a “low-grade infection underneath her tooth.”

How did the Hadids get Lyme disease?

In 2012, when she was 16 years old, she initially developed it. Through the bite of infected black-legged ticks, Lyme disease is spread to people.

Why did Bella Hadid and her boyfriend break up?

An insider told Entertainment Tonight that the two quietly split up in the spring when the relationship had “run its course.” “Bella is a very nice person but struggles with the pressures of fame.”

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