Steve Harvey Celebrated 16 Years of Marriage: The Couple’s love story, how Steve dumped his wife once before marriage

Marjorie and Steve Harvey have remained committed to one another for more than a decade. Marjorie and Steve Harvey attended Lake Combo to commemorate their 16 years of marriage.

On their Instagram pages, Steve and Majorie both posted some behind-the-scenes pictures from the photo session commemorating their wedding anniversary. 

Steve has been married three times throughout his career, but his third marriage to Marjorie Elaine Harvey (née Bridges) has been the longest. Over 16 years into their marriage, which began in 2007, the couple is still going strong. Here, you can learn all there is to know about their relationship.

Love at first sight— First meeting

In 1990, Marjorie and Steve first connected at a comedy club in Memphis. During an episode of Steve’s talk show from 2018, the two discussed their first encounter.

The wife of the comedian admitted that she arrived “late” to the comedy show, which she went to with a friend. Steve claimed he was stunned at first sight.

She arrived in the front row with her girlfriend. Marjorie stated that she was worried he would reprimand her for arriving late on stage. He reportedly stopped the show and just stared at her, according to Marjorie. He apologized and said, “Oh, I am sorry. I have no idea who this is, but I am getting married to her,” she recalled. 

Steve disappeared and the couple reconnected later

Marjorie also claimed that when they initially made contact, the connection was immediate. I had a good feeling that he was The One when we first started dating, but he abruptly ended things.

Steve Harvey Celebrated 16 Years of Marriage
Steve Harvey Celebrated 16 Years of Marriage (Credit: Getty Images)

Why did the connection, which was instantaneous in the 1990s, fizzle out? In 2005, they got back in touch after Steve explained to the outlet that he needed to make sure he was making enough money to support them.

Before a man can be useful to a woman, he must be aware of who he is, what he does, and how much money he will make, the man said.

The rest is history 

Steve and Marjorie were both parents when they first met, and Steve eventually became a stepfather to Marjorie’s three children, Morgan, 37, Jason, 32, and Lori, 26.

They were able to reunite years later. In addition, Marjorie has taken on the role of stepmother to Steve’s four kids from previous relationships.

After meeting in a comedy club more than 30 years ago and getting married almost 20 years later, the couple is still madly in love. In a 2012 interview with People, Steve was candid about how Marjorie improved the quality of his life.

The way I lived was altered by Marjorie. I had never experienced a rewarding connection as an adult. I have never been faithful, and I have never had full respect,” he claimed.

Marjorie frequently posts pictures of herself and Steve together on her Instagram and has frequently gushed about him. 

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Steve Harvey – FAQs

What is Steve Harvey most known for?

Steve Harvey first rose to fame for his observational humor before becoming well-known for his self-help counsel, particularly regarding relationships.

How did Steve Harvey impact the world?

The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which provides underserved communities with the resources they need to succeed, was established by him and his wife Marjorie in 2010. Many mentoring initiatives, such as The Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men and Girls Who Rule the World, have been introduced through the foundation.

When did Steve Harvey become successful?

When he got his big break in 1996 on The Steve Harvey Show, Steve Harvey was just shy of 40 years old. Since then, he has developed into one of the most well-known figures in entertainment, finding success in live performances, movies, television, radio, and even books.

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