Speculations Arise: Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?

Bullying can have negative, detrimental effects that can last for a long time. Since bullying in schools is a widespread problem in South Korea as it is in other nations, many variety shows and dramas make it a point to shed more light on the subject (True Beauty, Itaewon Class).

Here is what happened with Hyunjin and JYP’s response to it. In South Korea, stories like this are not at all unusual because numerous other K-pop stars have also been the target of similar accusations. What are we talking about? Just wait.

The Bullying Allegations

Hyunjin, a Stray Kids member and K-Pop superstar is still dealing with the fallout from his actions in middle school. In anonymous posts on social media in February 2021, someone claimed that Hyunjin had verbally abused them when they were in middle school.

The BBC reports that when the allegations first surfaced, JYP Entertainment, the management company for Stray Kids, launched its investigation. sewed the anonymous poster, Hyunjin’s former teachers, and other classmates. Despite a brief suspension from his job in 2021, Hyunjin is not expected to leave Stray Kids.

A member of the K-pop boy band Stray Kids named Hyunjin has returned to his activities successfully after accepting responsibility for his previous deeds and dealing with claims of bullying that allegedly occurred when he was in middle school. He deserves praise for sincerely regretting his actions and acknowledging their consequences.

Hyunjin’s Return and Redemption

He was able to reflect on his choices, comprehend the effects of his actions more fully, and work to develop personally by taking a break for four months. Hyunjin’s decision to address the accusations head-on shows his dedication to taking responsibility for his errors.

Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids?

No, Hyunjin is not leaving Stray Kids. Despite the difficulties he encountered as a result of claims of bullying, he showed a commendable dedication to personal development and redemption.

He took a proactive approach to changing his behavior after realizing the seriousness of his actions, profusely apologizing for the harm he had caused.

Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids
Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids? / Unknown

He took a significant four-month hiatus from his career to reflect and learn from his mistakes because he understood the value of improvement and self-reflection.

Hyunjin and Troye Sivan, their newfound friendship, and death threats

A few weeks ago, at Dua Lipa’s “La Vacanza” 2023 fashion show with Versace, Troye Sivan and Hyunjin of Stray Kids were seen interacting for the first time. Both musicians reportedly grew close and even posted several selfies on social media. 

The moment Troye Sivan posted a video of Hwang Hyunjin on his personal TikTok account along with the words “anyone knows how to reach this man,” everything changed. While some fans were ecstatic that Troye had a crush on the Stray Kids member, others were deeply hurt.

From that point on, the “Angel Baby” performer began to get a variety of feedback. Some even advised him to join JYP ENTERTAINMENT’s “Bubble” platform so that he can talk to Hyunjin, while others left Sivan with hurtful comments.

The South African felt bad about this because a while later, she posted a TikTok with the caption “That is the last time I publicly crush on a KPop star, I almost got killed,” along with the words “Put. That. Down.”

Troye’s response was expected, of course, as he had received negative feedback after confessing his crush on Hyunjin. However, he was forced to address the issue because of the harassment he was receiving from a small segment of the Stray Kids fandom, which goes by the name STAY.

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Hyunjin on Stray Kids – FAQs

Is Hyunjin still with Stray Kids?

After a four-month hiatus brought on by his bullying scandal, Hyunjin of the K-pop boy band Stray Kids has started performing again. On Saturday, Hyunjin, 21, and his bandmates released their newest single, “MIXTAPE: OH,” which was written by Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han.

Why was Hyunjin absent from Stray Kids?

JYP Entertainment explained Hyunjin’s absence from Stray Kids’ first concert as a unit following his school bullying allegations.

Is Hyunjin the lead dancer of Stray Kids?

Among Stray Kids, Hyunjin is the lead dancer. Hwang Hyunjin is his complete name. At JYP, he spent two years as a trainee. 

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