Speculations Arise: Is Drew McIntyre leaving the WWE?

Some fans claim that there is a rumor that Drew McIntyre is leaving the WWE. His final appearance was at WrestleMania 39, where the 37-year-old superstar faced off against Sheamus and Gunther in a thrilling triple-threat match.

After that, he was fired from WWE television because of a supposed minor injury he sustained before The Show of Shows. Although there have been reports of McIntyre’s frustrations, it is important to keep in mind that his current contract is only for a short while.

His resignation has not yet been brought up for discussion. Given his current standing within the company, many people are worried about McIntyre’s future in the WWE.

Andrew McLean Galloway IV: Who is he?

Andrew McLean Galloway IV is Drew McIntyre, a professional wrestler from Scotland. Having debuted in professional wrestling in 2001 and being born on June 6th, 1985, McIntyre has had a lot of success in the industry.

After joining WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in 2007, McIntyre quickly rose to prominence there. He made his debut as “The Chosen One,” and in 2009 he won the Intercontinental Championship for the organization. McIntyre was released in 2014 after his initial tenure in WWE was cut short.

Following his departure from WWE, McIntyre set out on a journey that saw him wrestle in several international promotions, such as Impact Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, and the independent circuit. During this time, he honed his skills and reinvented himself.

McIntyre made a comeback to WWE in 2017 and joined the NXT brand this time. He quickly made a name for himself by winning the NXT Championship and becoming a dominant force. He was promoted to the main roster in 2020 as a result of his NXT success.

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McIntyre has developed into one of the organization’s top stars since his return to WWE. Aside from the WWE Championship, which he repeatedly held, he has won many other titles. McIntyre’s reputation as a performer for the main event has been cemented by his involvement in high-profile contests and plotlines.

Is Drew McIntyre leaving the WWE?

This being the case, Drew McIntyre will not be leaving the WWE anytime soon. In the WWE Draft 2023, The Scottish Warrior was chosen to join RAW.

He was the tenth overall pick in the competition and was selected in the third round. Sheamus, a member of their former tag team, and the other Brawling Brutes will continue to appear on SmackDown.

Is Drew McIntyre leaving the WWE
Is Drew McIntyre leaving the WWE? (Credit: WWE)

McIntyre might make his eagerly anticipated comeback as a surprise participant in the competition since RAW is about to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. Night of Champions, which takes place on May 27 in Saudi Arabia, will determine the title’s future.

McIntyre Was Drafted By Raw

Considering all the rumors surrounding his WWE career and present position there. McIntyre is not planning to leave WWE anytime soon.

The tenth overall pick in the third round of the WWE draft led to McIntyre’s selection for Monday Night Raw. An upcoming World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned by the WWE. McIntyre might show up again and enter the tournament unexpectedly.

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Drew McIntyre – FAQs

Is Drew McIntyre going to leave the WWE?

It is important to note that McIntyre does not appear to have requested to leave WWE, but a new contract between the two parties has not yet been reached. It will be interesting to see if McIntyre makes a comeback on the RAW brand as a heel. He might do so as a new opponent for AJ Styles or Seth Rollins to contend with for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Why hasn’t Drew McIntyre been in the WWE?

McIntyre is thought to have taken a break from work to attend to several wounds. The Scottish Warrior’s impending contract situation might be another explanation for his absence. Very soon, the contract for the former WWE Champion will expire.

When did Drew McIntyre leave?

In 2017, when Drew McIntyre returned to the WWE, he was welcomed with a great deal of excitement. Following his release in 2014, McIntyre underwent a complete transformation into a top-tier main event performer. As a brand-new wrestler in NXT, he returned.

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