Rumored Couple in town: Travis and SZA dating?

Fans are convinced that Travis Scott and SZA are no longer connected to the former Kylie Jenner. Several weeks ago, there have been rumors that the singer of “Kill Bill” and the rapper of “SICKOMODE,” both 32 years old, are in a committed relationship.

Many fans have taken to social media to spread their unfounded romance rumors.

Are Travis Scott and SZA dating?

No public declarations or confirmations of a romantic relationship between Travis Scott and SZA have been made by either party. Months of speculation about a potential relationship between Travis Scott and SZA have been generated by their fans.

Their followers have combed social media looking for hints about a connection. This month, at SZA’s concert in Manchester, UK, Travis unannouncedly appeared on stage to perform.

Fans took it as a hint when numerous performances by the stars together appeared online. The previous day, Travis and SZA… Making their rumored relationship public on stage,” one person wrote. The Travis and SZA video quickly went viral, garnering three million likes. 

Who’s saying what?

Soon after, when the video of their performance went viral, fans started speculating in the comments section as to whether the pair had been secretly dating. While this was happening, some keen-eyed fans could not help but notice that Travis Scott and SZA were acting flirtatiously on stage.

Rumored Couple in town: Travis and SZA dating?
Travis and SZA dating (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Fans even caught a glimpse of the rapper with SZA’s bodyguard. Later, it was revealed that the two musicians were co-producing new music.

Travis and Kylie’s breakup

Before Kylie Jenner, a TV personality and businesswoman, Travis Scott dated one another. They are parents to two children: son Aire Webster and daughter Stormi Webster.

The couple had an on-again, off-again relationship until they decided to part ways. Actor Timothee Chalamet is reportedly dating the owner of Kylie Cosmetics at the moment. Their relationship has not been publicly acknowledged yet by either of them, though.

Kylie is rumored to be dating Timothée Chalamet

In addition to Kylie and actor Timothée Chalamet’s alleged romance, SZA and Travis’ relationship has also been the subject of romance rumors. Following the viral success of a video of their meeting at Paris Fashion Week in April, dating rumors about the makeup expert and the 27-year-old began to circulate.

Since then, Timothee and Kylie have been seen going on taco dates, and on June 1, according to Page Six, she was even seen leaving his house.

Furthermore, earlier on April 17, a source close to the Kardashians star revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Kylie and the Dune star are keeping their relationship casual. “At this point, they are keeping things informal.

Even though it is not serious, the source said at the time, Kylie is enjoying spending time with Timothée and watching how things develop.

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Travis and SZA dating – FAQs

Is SZA in a relationship?

In 2021, Kehlani was rumored to be dating SZA.

Who does Travis Scott date?

Kylie, 25, and Travis, 32, have been dating on and off since 2017.

How many girlfriends has Travis Scott had?

5 Alleged Exes Who Predated Kylie Jenner.

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