Rashid and Symone Break Up: The Sudden End of Love Story

Fans are making assumptions about the specifics of Symone Redwine and Rashid Floyd’s conceivable breakup. The ex-Ready To Love contestants who are now in a committed relationship run their own YouTube channel called “Ages & Stages,” where they recap each season of the show and offer hilarious commentary and clever takeaways.  

Who are Rashid and Symone? 

Entrepreneur Rashid, 33, is from Washington, D.C. He serves as the CEO of Floyd Brands, a business that sells clothing and accessories. A nurse from Baltimore, Maryland, Symone is 29 years old. In addition, she is her son’s sole mother.

When they took part in “Ready to Love,” they became a household name. Authentic, long-lasting relationships are sought after by successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s, and the dating shows Ready to Love examines their romantic encounters.

Rashid and Redwine’s relationship: 

While filming Ready to Love, reality TV stars Symone Redwine and Rashid Floyd got to know one another. In the third season of the program, which was filmed in Washington, D.C., they both participated as contestants. They quickly gained the support of the audience and participated in the season finale.

Following the end of the show, Rashid and Symone remained together. They both started the podcast they both host, The Real Reason. Rashid and Symone have consistently been open and honest about their relationship on social media.

They appeared to be very happy and shared pictures and videos of their relationship online frequently. However, it seems as though the situation has recently changed. 

What do we know so far about the breakup?

Rashid has been liking posts that appear to indicate that Symone is single, and she has been posting cryptic messages on social media. It is unclear exactly what transpired between Rashid and Symone, but it appears that they have broken off communication.

Rashid and Symone Break Up The Sudden End of Love Story
Rashid and Symone Break Up: The Sudden End of Love Story

It is a shame, as they seemed to be a good match. But it is crucial to keep in mind that on reality TV, we only get to see a portion of their lives. It is possible that there were unreported additional factors that caused their breakup. 

Symonne and Rashid call off the marriage- 

Fans claim that Rashid had earlier confessed on his YouTube live that he is “primal flawed” and that he is 99% to blame for their breakup. He broke the law in terms of money.

He has just so far admitted that. This has resulted in the wedding ceremony being postponed.

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