Possibility of Gibbs’ return to NCIS

Speculations are made about whether there are possibilities of Gibbs returning to NCIS or not.

Fans have been yearning for Mark Harmon to return to NCIS since he left for Alaska and for Gibbs to take over as the agency’s courageous commander.

Possibility of Gibbs’s return to NCIS

Will Mark Harmon return to NCIS? The reply is perhaps. Harmon, who portrayed Leroy Jethro Gibbs as NCIS Supervisory Special Agent from seasons 1 to 19 NCIS, was reportedly exploring a comeback as Gibbs before becoming distracted while penning his upcoming book, Ghosts of Honolulu, according to a source who spoke to Closer Weekly in July 2023.

The insider claimed that “Mark has been hinting at his return to the show since everyone wanted him back.” “When it comes to returning to the grind, he’s still undecided. People wish he would quit building up their expectations only to disappoint them.

According to the same source, Wilmer Valderrama, who has portrayed NCIS Special Agent Nicholas Torres since Season 14, reportedly has a complex perspective on the potential return of his former co-star, Mark Harmon.

The insider shared, “Wilmer doesn’t hold any personal grudges against Mark, but he’s not particularly eager for his return. He sees this period as his own time to shine, where he’s taken on a central role rather than a supporting one.” 

In a July 2023 report from Radar Online, a source revealed that Mark Harmon’s wavering stance on returning to NCIS has created tension among his co-stars, who had hoped his comeback would give a boost to the show’s ratings.

Additionally, the source alleged that Harmon’s interest in coming back to NCIS has waned since he authored his book, “Ghosts of Honolulu.” “When he had spare time, the idea of returning to NCIS seemed appealing.

Possibility of Gibbs' return to NCIS
Is Mark Harmon coming back to NCIS?

Now that he’s engrossed in something intriguing, his enthusiasm for a return has dwindled,” the insider commented. Furthermore, the source mentioned that Harmon’s fellow cast members are growing weary of the rollercoaster of anticipation and disappointment stemming from his indecisiveness.

Rocky Carroll, who portrays Leon Vance as NCIS Director, also suggested that Harmon would come back in a TV Insider interview from January 2023.

In Season 19, Episode 4 of NCIS, Gibbs made a significant departure from the team. In this episode, Gibbs and NCIS Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee embarked on a case in Alaska.

However, during their time there, Gibbs made a life-altering decision to stay in Alaska rather than return to Washington D.C. to continue his career with NCIS.

He confided in McGee, expressing, “My gut is telling me, I’ll recognize it when I find it.” Gibbs was in search of a profound sense of peace that had eluded him since the tragic loss of his wife, Shannon, and daughter, Kelly. Reluctant to let go of this newfound tranquility, he offered his role at NCIS to McGee, recognizing his unwavering trust in his colleague.

He expressed his sentiment, saying, “I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to have my back over these 18 years than you.” This pivotal moment marked a significant turning point in Gibbs’ journey within the series.

Why did Mark Harmon, aka Gibbs, leave NCIS?

Mark Harmon’s departure from NCIS after 19 seasons was motivated by his desire to keep his career fresh and challenging. In a special featurette for the NCIS Season 19 DVD, Harmon alluded to this, stating, “What has continually attracted me to this role is the character I portray and the need to maintain its freshness and constant challenge.”

He went on to explain that, in terms of the storyline, the character had evolved in a way that he found honest and acceptable. This decision allowed Harmon to explore new horizons in his career while honoring the journey his character had undertaken in the series.

Harmon was formerly eliminated from the NCIS beginning credits in Season 20, Episode 1 in September 2022, over a year after he departed the show in Season 19.

According to his IMDb, which cites NCIS as his most recent playing credit, Harmon hasn’t had any new acting assignments since quitting NCIS. However, that can alter.

Harmon left NCIS, but his former co-stars still have fond memories of him. Liza Lapira, who portrayed lawyer Michelle Lee on four and six NCIS Seasons, reflected on the shock that she discovered she was a mole within the organization in a conversation with TV Insider in April 2023.

Regarding NCIS, Lapira added to TV Insider that it “just brought up a lot of good memories.” Rocky Carroll is a jewel, she added. He truly is a jewel. It’s Mark Harmon. As a surprise birthday present for my mother, I brought her to the set. Mark and Rocky wished her a happy birthday and greeted her, and they simply embraced her with open arms.

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