Perfect Spidey Couple! Tom Holland and Zendaya dating – Are They Still Together?

 It was obvious Zendaya and Tom Holland had some connection even before Spider-Man: Homecoming reached theatres in 2017.

The two have long denied their relationship, but after some paparazzi pictures of them cuddling in a car, they could no longer deny it. Zendaya’s 25th birthday was made more special by Tom’s kind birthday greeting, in which he referred to her as his “MJ.” 

Tom Holland visited Zendaya 30 times!

The superhero said he had “at least 30 times” visited the HBO show’s set in a December 2021 interview with IMDb. 

Fans of the duo even started a rumor about a picture of what looked to be Tom wearing a mask and waving the “peace” sign behind Zendaya that Euphoria actress Siyon Foster posted on Instagram in January 2022. 

In July 2022, Tom’s Apple TV+ show The Crowded Room was shot in New York City as Zendaya arrived on the set. Zendaya and Tom Holland have been spotted out together on dates.

Images acquired by the Daily Mail show the couple holding hands as they leave a date night at Mamo Restaurant in Soho, New York, in February 2022. Tom donned a blue and gold button-down, while Zendaya arrived at their supper in a strapless dress with blazer-like details.

In an Instagram post, Antica Pesa restaurant owner Francesco Panella thanked Tom for “coming back again” to the establishment for his “surprise night” with Zendaya.

Tom Holland has discussed their relationship in the past. 

In addition to the actor from Mission: Impossible’s Instagram postings about his girlfriend, Tom has addressed the issue in reaction to the appearance of internet images of them kissing in July 2021. 

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe actor admitted he and Zendaya felt “robbed of our privacy” when they saw the images of them having a moment go viral online in a November 2021 interview with GQ.  

One drawback of celebrity, according to him, is that privacy is no longer really within our control. 

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Still Together?

Before the release of their movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendaya finally added Tom to her Instagram page after he had already received a few admiring posts from fans of the Disney Channel alum. 

Perfect Spidey Couple! Tom Holland and Zendaya dating - Are They Still Together
Perfect Spidey Couple! Tom Holland and Zendaya dating – Are They Still Together?

The Euphoria actress responded to Tom’s Instagram post from January 2022, which showed his images from a Prada brand campaign, just one month later. 

Did Zendaya and Tom Holland get engaged?

Although there is still a lot of buzz among Spider-Man fans, Tom and Zendaya have not made it known whether they got engaged. The rumors started after she flaunted a glittering gold ring in an Instagram Stories mirror image she uploaded in December 2021.

Zendaya wore the ring on her right-hand finger rather than her left, despite the controversy surrounding her hand jewelry, and keen-eyed followers also noted that it resembled a Bulgari ring she had previously given herself and had worn several times.

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