Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo divorce: Is it true to assert that Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa have chosen to part ways?

The news of the separation of celebrities keeps on coming every day. But what a sad story it becomes for those who are fans of their pair. It is not so easy for them to accept that the pair of their favorite superstars are separated. Well, recently something similar is being heard which has the power to surprise people.

Two such TikTok stars who rule the hearts of people as a couple may have decided to part ways. We are sure that you must have known him very well and must have heard his name very often.

They are very big TikTok stars so let’s find out how much truth there is in this news that they are going to separate. And if it’s completely true then why are they doing this? Today we will take complete information about everything.

Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo: Who are they?

Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo are internet sensations. Both internet personas became well-known after establishing their group social media pages.

An actress by the name of Nicky Champa was born in Dallas, Texas, on September 13, 1995. Champa has had a variety of roles during his career, appearing in Deadlocked, Charmers, and Astrid Clover, among other films and television programs.

On September 12, 1986, in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, Pierre Amaury Crespeau, also known online as Pierre Boo, was born.

With more than 1.3 million Instagram followers and 13.7 million TikTok followers, Pierre has developed a following across all of his social media channels.

How, where, and when did Nicky and Pierre first meet?

In March 2017, the two first connected at a casting call, and soon after, they went on a date. Before a second audition, Pierre remembers calling Nicky and asking for assistance with running lines. Nicky admitted to J-14 that he was “scared” to go on the date, but everything turned out fine. They moved in together a month after they began dating.

It was September 2018: as soon as the pair opened a combined Instagram account, their influencer popularity grew. They started their TikTok journey in 2019. In the same year, they went on a romantic trip and shared their every single activity with the fans.

Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo divorce
Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo Divorce

The boys took a brief hiatus from YouTube before restarting it, and they have been uploading videos ever since. Nicky and Pierre made their official transfer into a new house together in April 2021.

Eventually, they got married and made each other their life partners in August 2022. The couple kept flaunting their connection on social media after getting married. Even the holiday season was spent together by Pierre and Nicky.

Did Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo get divorced?

The pair made an announcement about their divorce over a year after being married.

It’s a little tricky with social networking. Our partnership turned into a brand, Nicky said to Out Magazine. “I want to convey that I respect and adore this individual dearly. I dated this person for the entirety of my twenties. I knew this person all my life. He is a very exceptional guy, and I will think of him as such forever.

Nicky claimed that, despite spending so much time together, having their life documented online and having each amassed more than 13 million TikTok followers took a toll.

Pierre said that they have broke up their relationship on his Instagram Story on July 9, Pierre.

Nicky is looking forward to his next chapter even though the ex-couple, who garnered more than 13 million TikTok followers each while documenting their life together, will no longer appear on one another’s accounts or their joint YouTube channel.

The opportunity to reestablish contact with himself is a component of that.

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Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo – FAQs

Are Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo still together?

Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo have decided to separate. After six and a half years together, the influencers, who gained a sizable following on TikTok by documenting their relationship, declared their breakup just before their first wedding anniversary.

Why did Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo divorce?

Champa exclusively revealed to Out Magazine that their breakup was caused by the pressure from brands and social media they experienced while attempting to maintain their sincere relationship.

Where did Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo get married?

According to the source, social media celebrities Pierre ‘Boo’ Amaury Crespeau, 36, and Nicky Champa, 27, wed in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two influencers allegedly adopted one other’s last names following the event.

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