Mocha Fest Viral Video: A celebration that shook the viewers

Nowadays, people do some strange things in the name of entertainment which makes other people wonder. Most of the time, video watchers fall into thinking – is it the world of humans that we consider to be the most civilized species? Recently, a similar incident has gone viral that surprised all, including the natives.

We are talking about nothing but the recent viral video of Mocha Fest.

Mocha Fest: What is it?

Mocha Fest was first hosted by Jamaica in a town called Negril in 2014. How many people do you think would have attended it? The fest was attended by 200 people.

Though the website said that they are sharing the Black culture, it is not that people were happy seeing it; they showed disappointment, including a few African-Americans calling it a vulgar act. Whatever the website is trying to explain, is it justifiable or acceptable? Well, people have different opinions about the Fest.

Mocha Fest viral video viral video

Recently, a Mocha Fest held in Houston got viral, which astonished the internet. Yes, even after so many negative reactions from people across the world, this Fest was again celebrated. With the same activities, it was this time held in Houston, Texas, from April 28 to April 30.

The website of Mocha Fest again tried to clarify that it promotes a free and open-minded party atmosphere. Though, people have again given the same negative comments. It contains some unsafe s**xual acts.

Mocha Fest Viral Video
Mocha Fest Viral Video

Many organizations and institutions always spread health-related messages to common people. What does society expect from the members of a well-developed and civilized community? 

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Do they not care about their family, future, and offspring? Of course, it is not a good, healthy, and wonderful story to tell our upcoming generations.

What did people say about the video?

Let us make you aware of the views and comments of all the viewers, including the natives of Texas. Some people have shown anger and are asked to stop this vulgar act.

A Twitter user named beautybyeemarie commented that they all looked stank and unclean. Further, she added that she could not and that those were some weak flesh.

Another one named jamese_rice  commented that she was from Houston, and she was shocked.

‘Kandikiki08’ commented: “Just nasty …morals is nonexistent in today’s world. “

‘Makings_of_mya’ commented: “Man those clips were wild smh..”

‘Luvinmy’ commented: “Watch how many people come back with diseases and spread it!! These people are sad.”

Many similar comments are made by the viewers. As it is not usual, people are not able to easily accept these types of activities. Well, people are not accepting it, but what about those people who are enthusiastically attending it? They are being trolled by the public.

Mocha Fest Website Statement

The website of Mocha Fest clarifies, “The majority of the attendees at Mocha Fest are African Americans, and the entertainment is primarily catered to that demographic. We do not, however, have any limitations or requirements on which ethnic groups can attend the event. Anyone who feels they would enjoy the ambiance and the entertainment offered at this event is welcome and encouraged to attend.”

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Mocha Fest – FAQs

Is Mocha Fest designed for singles or couples?

It is attended by both singles and couples. Surprisingly, both numbers are equal. Well, you will be more surprised to hear that the number of single females is more than men. The website implies that people feel totally at home at Mocha Fest, whether they are a couple or single.

One more piece of information that is to be highlighted and also to be studied psychologically is that more than 60% of the people are in their thirties.

Who is organizing the event of Mocha Fest? 

With the assistance of a group of promoters and ambassadors from various places around the United States, Mocha Fest was founded four years ago and is still managed by destination event specialists.

What Should I Anticipate at Mocha Fest?

As interpreted by the website of Mocha Fest “The party atmosphere at Mocha Fest is incredibly fun, liberal, and accepting. We host several parties over five days with top DJs and performers from around the globe, like most significant festivals.

The “Judgement-Free” and engaging environment that was developed at this event, however, has been largely responsible for the popularity of this event. At Mocha Fest, you can anticipate having a good time, being able to be whoever you want to be, and forming a lot of truly wonderful friendships.”

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