Megan Ashley Brooks divorce: Whole story via ‘Know for Sure’ podcast

Through her podcast “Know for Sure,” Megan Ashley Brooks is well-known to everyone. In her podcast, Megan and her best friend B. Simone discuss life in general.

The debut EP by singer and actress B. Simon, titled Lost Soul, was released in 2014. She was chosen to play Aaliyah in a movie about the late singer’s life later that year.

She would join the VH1 series Girls Cruise in 2019. Social media personality and Instagram star best known as co-host of the Know For Sure podcast with B. Simone 210,000 people have followed her Instagram account, Megana Brooks.

Know more about Megan Ashley Brooks

She started sharing content on social media in March 2019 before becoming well-known. On the New Rory & Mal show on YouTube in October 2022, she was interviewed by Rory Farrell and Mal By the Way.

Jonah, Eli, and Caleb are her three sons. On her podcast Know For Sure in 2023, she spoke with Instagram sensation Kountry Wayne and actress Crystal Hayslett.

Megan Ashley Brooks Divorce:

Recently, Megan opened up about her divorce in an episode of ‘Know for Sure,” where she shared how her divorce has affected her and what she has learned after her divorce.

Megan Ashley Brooks divorce Whole story via ‘Know for Sure’ podcast
Megan Ashley Brooks divorce: Whole story via ‘Know for Sure’ podcast

It was rather a mature conversation with no blame game, just pure experience, and lessons. Here are some major parts of the podcast:

Divorce doesn’t start when you file for one!

She said, “When you have just divorced and moved on quickly, people are like “You just got divorced”. But in my mind, we have been divorced for a long time. It is just legally done now.

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She confessed that she understood why people stayed in a relationship even when it was not fulfilling. It did not make them happy. About moving on, Megan said, “I am nowhere near ready to be a wife again. But when the time comes, I’ll be so much better at it. Now I have so much to add to my relationship”.

Don’t ever get too familiar

In Megan’s experience, it is not very wise to become very familiar and comfortable with someone. She said, “When you know it all too well, it kills the spark”.

Many might not agree with the statement, but everyone’s experience and lessons are unique.

Family time

While talking about the importance of family time, Megan shared, “I know for me, I want to go to bed together, I want to eat together”. She cried while talking about her experience.

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She said, quoting a story, that “it eliminates the possibility of getting hurt” when you both get busy in life and hurt each other equally. There is not much that you can hold against the other person when you are making mistakes too.

“I am the queen of my home”, Megan shared that even though she feels like she is the queen of her family, she doesn’t feel cared for enough. “I have a family, and we love each other;  it’s an amazing feeling, but they don’t care about the stuff I like or the stuff I like to do.

This might be something a lot of moms can relate to.

Sitting Standards and Relationship Coaching

B. Simon and Megan discussed setting standards in relationships and the importance of relationship coaching. Lightening the mood thru discussing if they like to sleep In the sheets or above the sheets.

Know for sure podcast

What is the key to a friendship that has lasted 20 years? Respect, true love, and challenging conversations! Every week, B. Simone, a comedian, actress, and business tycoon, along with Megan Brooks, her best friend, assistant, and business partner, will discuss the events and experiences that have helped them grow over the years despite leading very different lives.

Megan learns what her interpretation of the “white picket fence dream” actually entails for her as a mother of three, while B. Simone continues to search for her true love and manages a very public life.

Your beliefs will be challenged by the weekly discussions, which will provoke thought. On our journey of self-discovery and evolution, we cordially invite you to join us.

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