Love’s Verdict: Did Niamh and Joe Break Up or Make Up?

Do you have any information on Joe Ando’s breakup with his girlfriend? Yes, we are referring to the actor who gained notoriety for taking a vacation in Mallorca a few months ago. It comes as no surprise that his potential love interest was present.

Fans, however, have recently spread rumors of their breakup on various social media sites. Is this accurate? Let us briefly talk about Joe Ando’s prominence in the field before that. 

Joe Ando

A talented performer known for playing Rodney in The Walking Dead, Joe Ando-Hirsh also plays other roles. Since 2017, he has been making waves in the sector.

Other well-known roles that Joe Ando has played include those in MacGyver, Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate, Blue Bison, and The Eyes of Tammy Faye. 

Joe Ando has a successful fashion design business in addition to his acting career. Joe has always had a penchant for trendy clothing that must stand out from the crowd. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology as a result. 

Niamh Adkins and Joe Ando have a romantic relationship in their personal lives. She is who? Let us just refer to her as a South African fashion model for the time being.

Everyone has been shocked by the breakup rumors surrounding them. Now the question is whether those rumors are true or significant enough to be taken into account. Here is what we know if you are wondering if Joe Ando broke up with his girlfriend.

Niamh Adkins: Who is she?

The year 1996 saw the birth of fashion model Niamh Adkins. Accordingly, she is currently 26 years old. Niamh started in the modeling industry with contracts from Max Models and Vision Models, respectively.

Not to mention, she started using Vine in 2014 and has since become quite popular there. To elaborate, Niamh Adkins is a devoted follower of Taylor Swift. Well, who isn’t? 

Joe Ando’s relationship with Niamh Adkins, 

They have always had the impression of being a solid couple. As was earlier stated, they were having a good time in Mallorca the previous year.

Did Niamh and Joe Break Up
Did Niamh and Joe Break Up?

Wait, though! They were not the only ones; they had some of their friends too. What then? Things seem to be good, so far. 

How did the rumors start?

You must be wondering at this point how the Joe Ando split rumors got started. Two of them have not shared anything on social media in recent weeks, which is the cause.

Given their history of constant activity, that turned out to be pretty strange. Everyone believes that something must have transpired between them.

Some fans have also taken the discussion online, stating that Joe Ando and Niamh Adkins must have taken a break from each other, at least for some time. 

Did Joe Ando reportedly break up with his girlfriend? 

Well, the ongoing breakup rumors have not been confirmed by Joe Ando or Niamh Adkins yet. Therefore, we simply cannot think of two of them parting ways.

Therefore, we simply cannot think of two of them parting ways. Because considering that for just one reason would be ridiculous.

Also, that doesn’t seem to be valid. People occasionally become busy. How do you feel about this? We can not just say that Joe Ando and his longtime partner are no longer together because neither party has made any official statements. 

We send our best wishes for Joe Ando’s future days. We would like to see more of his creations, and we are hoping that something will be released soon.

To receive more updates, you can follow Joe Ando on Instagram. In the hopes that the rumors of his breakup with Niamh Adkins are nothing more than a hoax. 

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Niamh and Joe break up – FAQs

Is Joe still dating Niamh?

Visit TikTok to find videos about Niamh Adkins and Joe breaking up.

Did Niamh and Joe break up Reddit?

People are speculating that they are not together, but separated on “good” terms. That is to say, they both realize their fandom was garnered through publicizing their relationship and therefore had to remain civil during the breakup.

Where do Joe and Niamh live?

Her family moved to Cape Town, South Africa when she was young. She presently stays in Manhattan, New York, USA.

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