Love & Laughter: Did Brent and Pierson break up?

Brent Rivera, an American YouTuber, entertainer, and virtual entertainment character, has caught the hearts of millions with his comedic content and tricks. Pierson Wodzynski, a gifted TikTok star, engages her crowd with cunning person-based improv shows.

Together, they have turned into a unique team, standing out and interested in their relationship status. In this article, we will dive into their dating history, and in particular, uncover assuming Brent and Pierson are still together.

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski

Brent Austin Rivera, the fellow co-founder, and CEO of Amp Studios, has millions of supporters on YouTube and has appeared in various TV shows and movies.

Pierson Wodzynski rose to fame on TikTok with more than 12 million fans and 290 million preferences. Her total assets are assessed at $3 million, acquired through support, promotions, and brand collaborations.

Model and content creator Pierson entertain her audience with each post on social media, showcasing her skills there. Logan Wodzynski is the name of her brother. As a private individual, Pierson’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million, compared to $1 million for Brent.

The Love Journey of Brent and Pierson

Since 2020, Brent Rivera has been romantically involved with Pierson Wodzynski. On the set of the dating program “Date Takeover,” Brent and Pierson got to know one another. In one of the episodes, Pierson participated as a contestant.

The idea behind the show was that Lexi, Brent’s younger sister, would pick who would go on a date with Brent, and in the end, Pierson won. The group of Brent’s friends later met her. Eva Gutowski and Brent Rivera were dating at the time.

Love & Laughter: Did Brent and Pierson break up?
Did Brent and Pierson break up?

They eventually developed a close friendship and started to appear in each other’s videos and social media posts. According to reports, Brent began dating Pierson in 2020 after splitting from Eva.

They have played practical jokes on one another for Brent’s YouTube videos, including the time he was detained by police while meeting her father, getting Pierson and Eva into an argument over fictitious grudges, and even simulating a severe, nearly fatal nut allergy reaction in front of her.

Brent Rivera has a nut allergy, but he did not consume any nuts while filming the prank, so his response was exaggerated.

Did Brent and Pierson break up?

Yes, Brent and Pierson broke up. More recently, Pierson made an appearance in The Good Boys Podcast toward the end of February 2023. There, she spoke about a variety of subjects, including whether or not Brieson, a shipping name created by Rivera and Wodzynski’s supporters, was real.

@brierson4life_ pierson explains her relationship with brent #brierson #brentrivera #piersonwodzynski @Brent Rivera @Pierson ♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

She revealed that she is single right now and does not have a boyfriend before discussing her relationship with Rivera in detail. Her statement that she was “officially not in a relationship with anyone” was made. Therefore, the fan question “Are Pierson and Bryce dating?” is no longer valid.

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Brent and Pierson break up – FAQs

When did Brent and Pierson first meet?

According to the source, Brent and Pierson first connected on the dating competition program Date Takeover, in which Brent’s younger sister Lexi made the match-making decisions. While Brent was dating his ex-girlfriend, YouTuber Eva Gutowski, Pierson held sway even though they were never romantically involved.

What is Brent Rivera and Pierson’s ship name?

The fandom of YouTubers Pierson Wodzynski and Brent Rivera have a relationship known as Brierson.

Did Pierson Wodzynski get married?

In 2021, close friends and family members gathered for a private ceremony where Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski exchanged vows. They have been wed for two years, and on occasion, they will share photos and videos on social media.

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