Lexi and Andrew’s Open Relationship: Are the TikTok Duo Dating?

In the world of social media influencers, Lexi Rivera has established a solid reputation. Due to her amusing videos and endearing personality, she has a sizable following on apps like TikTok. She is well-known for being Brent Rivera’s sister, a well-known influencer.

By documenting her life through vlogs, showcasing her gymnastics skills, and promoting her fashion endeavors, Lexi Rivera has become well-known on social media. But her devoted followers are curious about her love life and who she is currently dating. 

In this article, we will delve into Lexi’s romantic history, detailing her previous relationships and speculating on the likelihood that she will meet someone special.

Lexi and Andrew: Who Are They?

Social media influencers and creators of YouTube content are Lexi and Andrew. Since 2017, Lexi and Andrew have both collaborated on numerous videos and other projects. Together, Lexi and Andrews produced videos for TikTok, becoming popular TikTokers. 

With each other, they had intermittent relationships. However, they mostly stayed together for their collaborations and also video making. There were rumors spread due to the pictures they kept sharing on social media.  


However, she made it abundantly clear at the beginning of the tape that they were simply close friends and that the whole situation was just a joke. After Rivera uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND,” in which Andrew played the part of her new boyfriend, people began to speculate that they were dating.

She did, however, make it clear at the beginning of the tape that they were just good friends and that the whole situation was just a joke. Lexi’s friends think that she is going out with Andrew in 2023.

According to Celebsuburb, the two frequently appear in each other’s social media posts, which is why the rumors are still circulating. Still, we may have to wait until the rumored couple confirms their relationship.

Are Lexi And Andrew Dating?

Lexi and Andrew's Open Relationship: Are the TikTok Duo Dating?
Lexi and Andrew Dating

They had posted pictures on their Instagram that openly confirms that the couple is in a relationship. Recent searches about the couple are whether they are dating or not. Yes, the couple is dating and they are in an open relationship which they confirmed through their pictures. In the videos that Lexi and her ex-boyfriend Ben have posted, they can be seen dating Andrew.

Ben revealed that Andrew had taken his ex-girlfriend, who he had dated since 1997, in a video that they both posted on YouTube. In a joint released video on YouTube, Ben announced that his ex-girlfriend was taken by Andrew while he was with her since 1997. Lexi had done a prank video and said that they were good friends but they are dating as of 2022.

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Lexi and Andrew dating – FAQs

Is Andrew and Lexi Rivera dating

The content creator and Andrew Davila allegedly have a relationship, according to rumors. Davila’s sister admitted that the two are seeing each other despite both of them denying it. She previously had a romantic relationship with another content creator named Ben Azelart.

How old is Andrew with Lexi?

Andrew Davila is 23 years old in 2023. The influencer on social media was born on June 26, 2000.

Alexa Rivera has parents, right?

Yes, she was adopted by that family following her siblings’ placement in foster care.

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