Kurt Angle is cherishing how WWE is doing The Bloodline

The Olympic Legend talked about the amazing adventure between Roman Rules, Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman, and The Usos during the most recent release of his Kurt Point webcast.

The point starts by calling the story quite possibly of the best thing the organization has done over the most recent couple of years, yet concedes he honestly hates how long Roman Rules has held the world title.

What did Kurt say on his podcast? 

Angle clarified that the fact that the Tribal Chief has held the world title for a considerable amount of time is not necessarily a negative thing and stated that he deserves to be champion. Later, he says that he’s impressed with how they’ve made the story so engaging.

Fans and fellow wrestlers consider Kurt Angle to be one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. During the Attitude Era, Kurt Angle was one of the biggest names in wrestling. He was notable as an extraordinarily specialized grappler in the ring and a similarly gifted individual on the mic.

Kurt Angle is cherishing how WWE is doing The Bloodline
Kurt Angle is cherishing how WWE is doing The Bloodline

Point contemplated whether the exciting bends in the road in the Bloodline storyline were pre-arranged or on the other hand on the off chance that WWE’s imaginative group had an obvious vision in advance. Additionally, the WWE Hall of Famer joked about the possibility of former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz working remotely with WWE’s creative team. 

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The continuous adventure of The Bloodline is handily portrayed by some as WWE’s most convincing point to date. Given that the faction was formally established in 2021, this speaks volumes.

It was applauded at the time; quick forward to 2023, and the group’s headliner section helped SmackDown score its most elevated crowd complete since John Cena’s return match in late 2022.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and as Sami Zayn has repeatedly stated, The Bloodline will do the same.

When Kurt kissed Undertaker 

Kurt Point once put his life in extreme danger for certain giggles by kissing The Undertaker during a WWE match abroad.

The WWE and IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame legend talked about the time he made fun of “The Dead Man” by kissing him during a match in a recent episode of his podcast, the Kurt Angle Show. he said he had an incredible moment with The Undertaker.

Perhaps a very intimate moment. It was when he put his hand out to shake Undertaker’s hand. He shook his hand and Undertaker asked for a hug. Kurt grabbed him and kissed him on the lips in a bold move.

Kurt Angle has reached the summit of his career at every stop, and now he is taking his Three I’s; To the world of podcasts, intensity, intelligence, and integrity. He shares interesting stories and much more on his podcasts. 

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