Kimberly Perry Finds Her Solo Voice as The Band Perry Takes a Respite

Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry, members of The Band Perry, traveled to Dallas, Texas, in October 2020 to attempt one final recording session as a family group.

Unmoored during the COVID lockdown and slowly making their way from their shared Sherman Oaks, California, home to Tennessee, they collaborated with Paul Cauthen’s production team to create a number of demos that were never released.

They might enjoy the vibe and their Southern gothic tendencies, according to Kimberly Perry, who was a fan of Cauthen’s 41 Project, particularly his “Cocaine Country Dancing.”

Did The Band Perry break up?

The Band Perry is taking a break. On Monday, Neil, Kimberly, and Reid Perry announced the news on their social media platforms. They claimed it was time for them to take a break and learn new things because they had been working together for 13 years.

After releasing their debut album in 2010, The Band Perry quickly rose to prominence as one of the biggest country music acts in the world. They have received numerous honors, including a Grammy for “If I Die, Young,” their song for the best country duo or group performance.

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“Heart Like Mine,” the group’s most recent album, was released in 2017. They have not made any announcements regarding upcoming music releases.

The Band Perry - one of the most tumultuous careers in country music
The Band Perry – one of the most tumultuous careers in country music

The Perry siblings claimed that they remained close and that they still intend to help each other out in their respective careers. Furthermore, they expressed hope for a future reunion despite not knowing how long the break will last.

Many fans have expressed disappointment at the news of The Band Perry’s split, but the group has stated that they are appreciative of the support they have received over the years. Additionally, they expressed their excitement about what the future holds for them.

Why did the band split? All the possible reasons, for Kimberly’s solo career

Earlier this year, the country music trio The Band Perry declared that they would be taking a break. Lead vocalist Kimberly Perry is also going solo. The Perry siblings had four albums to their credit and had been living together for 13 years. They enjoyed success with songs like “If I Die Young” and “Better Dig Two.”

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Kimberly Perry declared that she was eager to begin this new phase of her professional life. She announced that she has been working on a ton of new music and that she can not wait to share it with her followers. Fans of country music will be saddened by The Band Perry’s breakup, but Kimberly Perry will have the chance to go solo and prove her abilities.

The Band Perry was gone too soon (at least temporarily; they are currently on “hiatus”). Consider this strategy, which is characteristically Perry: She has written several songs about early graves and the legacies we leave behind if we leave this world too soon, including their biggest hit, “If I Die, Young,” and more than one song on “Better Dig Two.” However, lately, she has been considering what it means to be reborn.

Specifically, how a trio disbanding so a solo career — her solo career, at 39 — can begin, or how some things must die so that others can blossom.

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