Keke and Darius Break Up: The story has moved forward

According to modern dating norms, deleting or archiving photos of a significant other from social media frequently denotes the end of a relationship.

Who was responsible for this? Well, one of our favorites is not doing too well right now, what with Usher’s public serenade and her boyfriend’s contentious remarks. The recent actions of Keke’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, have caused controversy once more. 

What did Keke’s boyfriend do? Why the backlash? 

As a result of Keke’s body shaming, Darius Jackson, her boyfriend, is drawing flak from the general public. On July 4, Palmer went to see Usher perform in Las Vegas while wearing a black bodysuit underneath a sheer dress.

The singer serenaded them with “There Goes My Baby” while they were onstage as the two exchanged hugs. Inciting controversy on Wednesday, Keke Palmer’s boyfriend Darius Jackson criticized her for wearing inappropriate clothing for a grown woman.

The Nope actress, who takes part in the performance by dancing and singing along with the There Goes My Baby singer, is serenaded by Usher in a video that has been circulated on social media. For the concert at Usher’s Las Vegas residency, Palmer is dressed to the nines in a black bodysuit and sheer dress.

Jackson, Palmer’s boyfriend and the child’s father commented on the video on Twitter, seemingly criticizing Palmer for her outfit. It is the outfit, though, as the caption states. You are a mom,” Jackson tweeted about the clip.

Keke’s actions speak louder than words

On Wednesday night, Palmer uploaded several photos to her Instagram account that highlighted her clothing choice without directly addressing the controversy. She complimented Usher for his performance and expressed regret that she had not taken more pictures in the captions.

She shared a TikTok video that may end up being the new breakup anthem in 2023.

Palmer begins to dance to the upbeat music as soon as the song’s opening line, “You am not stoppin’ what is goin’ on with me sweetheart,” appears in the TikTok. I am about to link up, I am about to link up, I am about to link up if you are going to act up.

Keke and Darius Break Up: The story has moved forward
Keke and Darius Break Up / Credit: Getty Images

Additionally, she altered the inventory. To commemorate this messy family feud (and Palmer’s boss moves), fans can now buy white crewneck shirts with the words “I am a Motha” or “I am Stevie to the bulls-” for $35 and $30, respectively, on Palmer’s website. Black and gray are both options for the second option.

Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend deletes her from his social media

After deleting all of Keke Palmer’s images from his Instagram account, Darius Jackson allegedly broke up with Palmer.

Jackson’s recent social media posts have given Keke Palmer and her baby daddy, Darius Daulton, the impression that they are about to call it quits.

Jackson decided to give up social media after receiving backlash for posting his matters on Twitter, Instagram, Spill, Facebook, and Threads. Fans soon learned that he had since made a comeback and had only photos of their son left on his Instagram profile after removing all photos of Palmer.

Jackson tweeted “You all thought” to announce his return to social media in response to a tweet from Pop Crave informing followers that his account had been deleted.

The whole thing started when Jackson took issue with Palmer’s attire in a video of her being serenaded by Usher while he was performing his residency in Las Vegas.

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Keke and Darius breakup – FAQs

Did Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson break up?

While it is not explicitly stated, reports suggest that Jackson removed all of Palmer’s pictures from his Instagram account, leading to speculation about a possible breakup.

What did Jackson do on social media after the incident?

After facing criticism and temporarily deactivating his social media accounts, Jackson made a comeback and removed all images of Palmer from his Instagram profile, leaving only pictures of their son.

Is there any official confirmation of their breakup?

No official confirmation of their breakup has been provided. The removal of Palmer’s pictures from Jackson’s social media account has fueled speculation.

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