“KCON LA 2023” will be held in August 

The world’s biggest K-Culture celebration, KCON, will be held for three days this mid-year at the Crypto.com Arena and LA Convention Center. The shows, which are KCON’s emblematic signature content that decorates the end of every night, have increased from two to three.

This year is when the celebration first will hold three shows for three days in L.A. It is normal to be made out of different artists’ joint effort stages to fortify the show’s creativity and boost crowd fulfillment. The festival, on the other hand, will take place from August 18 to 20.

The current year’s ‘KCON LA 2023’ expects to give fans an exceptional encounter by integrating different invigorating elements, for example, artist-coordinated effort stages, crowd interest, and a different setup. The Crypto.com Arena and LA Convention Center will host the festival, which will last three days from August 18 to 20 PST.

The festival will hold three shows in LA over three days for the first time at this year’s KCON. KCON will incorporate a variety of custom-tailored directing elements to fulfill the wishes of the audience and enhance the festival’s singularity, ultimately increasing audience satisfaction.

Crypto.com Arena has a capacity of 20000 while the LA Convention Center has a capacity of 39000.

KCON 2022 

The Dream Stage, which debuted at “KCON 2022 LA” last year and received a positive response from fans, is another intriguing feature that is scheduled to return. This novel program empowers K-POP specialists to team up with their a fan and exhibit uncommon exhibitions in front of an audience, which fans enthusiastically expect.

In the meantime, Samsung Galaxy will be the title sponsor of “KCON LA 2023,” which will feature brand experiential zones and a variety of artist collaboration content to provide a richer and more exciting experience for K-Culture fans. 

KCON is an annual gathering of people who are interested in K-pop and Korean culture. It began in 2012, the same year that PSY’s Gangnam Style took over the internet. Fans can attend fan events, watch performances by well-known Korean artists, and even purchase albums and merchandise from their favorite K-pop artists at the festival.

"KCON LA 2023" will be held in August 

Finally, Los Angeles experienced the full power of K-pop fans once more when the scene’s premier festival, KCON, returned after two years of absence during the pandemic the year before.

Across three days of a show at the Los Angeles Conference Hall and two days of shows in the Crypto.com Field, KCON 2022 Los Angeles detailed more than 90,000 fans’ participation in its most memorable in-person occasion beginning around 2019.

Furthermore, with a new, post-Coronavirus accentuation on live streaming, the celebration gathered a complete viewership of 7.17 million watchers over 176 districts in 2022.

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KCON LA also launched its first “Dream Stage” segment last year, giving fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform with their favorite K-pop artists.

By performing Wa Da Da by Kep1er and PTT’ (Paint The Town) by Loona on stage with the K-pop idols at KCON LA, lucky fans who passed multiple auditions got to experience the idol grind.

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