Jonah Hill’s Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Brady shares pieces of conversation, calls him a ‘Misogynist Narcissist’

Jonah Hill has been in the news for a while now for all the right reasons. The actor, who recently underwent an uncanny transformation, and his partner Olivia Miller welcomed their first child.

However, the Wolf of Wall Street actor has been exposed with some shocking evidence due to his prior relationship with Sarah Brady, who is now publicly known as the latter.

Sara Brady and Jonah Hill’s relationship

Sara Brady, who was linked to Hill in 2021 before their breakup in 2022, maintained a low profile on social media aside from the sporadic photo of the couple.

After they broke up, she remained silent, and Hill was eventually associated with Olivia Millar. The newlyweds later welcomed a child in June and sparked engagement rumors after The Daily Mail published paparazzi photos that appeared to show a ring on her finger.

Engagement rumors and who is  Jonah Hill dating now?

Hill dispelled rumors that he and Brady were engaged in February 2022 with a post he uploaded to Instagram. “The rumors are not accurate. I have got a ring. Nevertheless, not to my girlfriend,” the actor penned at the time. “Your mother and I are engaged.”

Please abide by our current request for privacy, I know this is shocking. Furthermore, he said, “Media, stop writing fake news; it is corny.” Now that Jonah and Sarah are no longer together, he has moved on and is now a father to a child with Olivia Millar. The sex and name of the baby the couple had in May have not yet been made public.

Sarah Brady shared some conversations with Jonah Hill and many Misogynistic remarks

Sarah Brady recently shared some unsettling messages from Jonah Hill on her Instagram stories. Even though she avoided naming anyone, it was clear from the messages that the Do not Look Up actor was the sender.

Initially, she wrote a message to her fans saying, “Sharing this publicly now because keeping it to myself was doing more harm to my mental health than sharing it could ever do.”

Sarah Brady, a surf instructor and JH’s ex-girlfriend from about a year ago in 2021 is openly criticizing the actor on her Instagram page. She calls him a “misogynist narcissist” and is not holding back in her criticism.

Jonah Hill's Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Brady shares pieces of conversation, calls him a 'Misogynist Narcissist'
Sara Brady and Jonah Hill / Credit: Getty Images

Hill, 39, allegedly requested that Brady delete any surfing pictures of her on Instagram that showed her “ass in a thong” in Brady’s texts. Brady purportedly told her it was a “good start” after deleting “all the posts,” but the You People actor claimed she did not “seem to get” his point.

It is not my place to instruct you, though. I have been very clear about my boundaries,” allegedly wrote Hill. I hope it brings you joy that, as you have stated, you will not let go of some of them.

Hill claimed that she had originally been wearing a swimsuit rather than a thong, even though she has not yet responded publicly to Brady’s accusations.

Brady went on to say that he said those things to try to control her. She added that she had done as he had asked to “protect” him from his paralyzing anxiety.

Sara also warned other girls about toxic men

All girls should take note of this warning. Brady, a 25-year-old professional surfer, shared screenshots of various text exchanges via her Instagram Story on Friday, July 7. She advised readers to make an exit strategy if their partners were behaving in this way. Give me a call if you need someone to listen.

She expresses her desire for her ex—JH—to become pregnant with a female so that he can develop into a true feminist. His new self-description as a feminist, in Sarah’s opinion, is absurd.

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Jonah Hill – FAQs

Does Jonah Hill have a gf?

Superbad’s Jonah Hill, who is also its director, and his girlfriend Olivia Millar welcomed their first child.

Does Jonah Hill have a baby?

Dad Jonah Hill has a son. A representative for the 39-year-old Superbad actor confirms to PEOPLE that he and his girlfriend Olivia Millar had their first child.

Did Jonah break up with his girlfriend?

Jonah lists several reasons why they should get married after Amy says she is not sure if she wants to get married yet. When Amy is finally forced by Jonah to admit that she does not want to, they break up just before she departs for California.

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